Camera recommendations for streaming?

Since I’m over by Best Buy for jury duty, I’m thinking of stopping by afterwards to get a webcam. Anyone have a recommendation? @tommy2118 did you figure out a keying solution?


Logitech c615 is what I use, @tommmy2118 has the 920 or something to that effect. I’ve identified that my issues that creep up now and again are due to my computer (possibly not feeding it enough power) and not the camera because it works just fine on the MacBook.

Basically anything Logitech that does high def should work well, imo :wink:

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I’m using the Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920:

It was well reviewed when I picked it up this summer. It will record in 1080p (30fps) and stream at that resolution over Skype for video chat. I have tested it with OBS and the Elgato capture software and I’m pretty sure it is 1080p (30 fps) for both.

It has a very wide field of view and when recording with Logitech native software there is no way to zoom in at 1080p (it is a very minor zoom). If you reduce the resolution to 720p you can zoom in quite a bit. This is not an issue for me because I have not had a need to screen capture from Logitech’s software.

1080p Widescreen:

720p zoomed in:

Edit: Still working on the keying solution… Here is Bestbuy’s link.

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I’ve had lots of friends recommend that camera, very nice quality video with crisp audio. Definitely great for the price on amazon. You might want to refrain until right after christmas because a lot of stuff will be on sale kinda like blackfriday

i have the c920. awesome camera. anything logitech is always safe.