Can anyone answer some AO food questions for me?



I’m working on a master spreadsheet.

  • Is there a specific value that food is reduced by when something is crafted?
  • Is there natural attrition of food from the bar over time even if nothing is being crafted?
  • Are these values different for different types of crafting stations?



I hate answering these without concrete info but maybe it will help in your search.

I think the reduction value is based on the tier of item crafted. People were complaining on the forums that T4, for example, was taking a huge hit on the food bar. People would craft T4 then have to put food back in for what they just used.

I watched the buildings on my personal island for a few days and never noticed the bar moving, so I don’t think there is a natural attrition. I haven’t been to my island in the past 2 days however.


The top bar on buildings is delineates what, if any, (de/re)gen a building has based on location. That said, I haven’t taken the time to see which ones behave in what manner.