Can anyone tell me if black ops 3 is even worth it?



Has anyone played it yet? I get punked by call of duty every damn year.


Every year I see footage and I get close to buying or buy…then I play the game for a few weeks and realize it’s COD again.


I played the beta and I really enjoyed it, but over heard they changed it alot since the beta.


So far all I’ve played is some offline Zombies mode with my son. Because he has a kid account I have to play offline in order to get split-screen co-op with him. I don’t earn XP with my online account during this.

I hope to be playing either Story or Multiplayer later today. I can report back then or maybe I’ll turn on streaming if my service is working well.


The game records your recent matches. If I could figure out how to upload those to Youtube I would share some of my terrible gameplay where I still got that clutch last kill for the win.

I’m bad at this game. Really bad. The top people get around 2000-2500 points per match in Team Deathmatch. I get about 10-20% of that.

Despite this, I’m having fun. I bought Advanced Warfare but I rarely played it. I think I achieved level 13. I skipped Black Ops 2, Ghosts and Modern Warfare 3. So I guess I have forgotten how a Call of Duty game plays. The fast-paced arcade-style of shooter is enjoyable as an alternative to something like Destiny.

I really like the wallwalking as a new method of traversing maps. There seems to be a lot of customization options available. You can paint your guns in various ways and upload them for others to use.

I’m uncertain if I will buy any map packs; if I am still playing the game when the first pack is released then I will consider it. I’m not worried about KDA when I’m playing. I’ve been one of the bottom 3 in every match thus far. But for now Black Ops 3 is something fun.


I’ve loved COD all my life. First COD I played was modern warfare and ever since then ive bought every COD. That being said i can say as a fan i hated Ghosts and Advanced Warfare. But, Black Ops 3 is by far the best, most well rounded and experienced packed call of duty games to this day. I’m a zombies fan and i can say that its amazing. They took all the best elements from the previous zombies maps and made them even better and that what a sequel to a game should. As far as multiplayer goes its completely renovated from black ops 2. The new movement system makes it very fun and a refreshing experience. Also the maps have yet to have a certain attachment to me when i play them like they did in black ops 2 but maybe that will change with time. I must say the 3 year development cycle definitely did the game well as opposed to the previous 1 year with games like ghost and aw which made them feel rushed and ultimately shit. As for the campaign aspect of the game ive yet to play as its only launch day and also ive never really liked story as much as multiplayer or zombies but time will tell. I’d recommend this game to everyone .


Loved these write ups. Boyfriend and I are Call of Duty fans, and have been debating on picking it up to use on a friend’s console. Maybe we can buy a next gen console together :wink:


The game is limited on the PS3 and 360. There’s not even a story/campaign mode, only multiplayer and zombies. I would suggest you look at that site and see all the differences to consider on what platform you might want the game. It is at a reduced price on the older consoles at least.


My main thing is it’s pretty difficult to find matches on older gen consoles now with the next gens being available going on three years now. Even in Destiny, I could hardly find a match, and don’t even get me started on GTAV.

We’ve been discussing getting one for a while, maybe it’s time to do it.


I mentioned a few days ago that the PS4 recently dropped its price!


If you’re interested, go watch @perplexous play it for Extra Life right now:

It looks really good.


i’m loving it so far… better than Advanced Warfare and Ghosts. Black Ops was always the best part of the franchise for me.


So I decided to get the Xbox one elite console and it came with a free game. I chose BO3 as my free game. They let me return it the next day and put the money towards paying off my battlefront pre order. Lol. BO3 is horrible! The lag is just unbearable and everything that made the beta great was changed. I’ll never buy a Cod game again. You can’t even trust any website reviews, not even meta critic. Only honest review I found was polygon. Skip this game, it’s not even worth it in the bargain bin, I’m done buying MP games that use P2P networking.



Maybe it’s an XB1 problem. I’ve had no lag at all. Hell I’m getting double kills with the rocket launcher and laughing about it.

There were some server issues yesterday. The game went down for 30-60 minutes maybe. Other than that I’m having a great time. I didn’t play the beta so I’m not sure what made it “great”.

Sorry it didn’t work out for you. And sorry my review wasn’t honest.


I haven’t had any lag issues on XB1. there have been some disconnection issues with parties and grouping, but that’s expected for first week release on anything these days, especially a game that has this many players.


There’s been a lot of talk with a couple games of late (BO3 and Halo 5, namely) having issues with certain internet providers or their hardware; it might be worth looking into to see if you’re one of the affected folks :wink:


I’ve had zero issue with halo, I’m just sticking with halo and battlefront when it comes to online mp this year. Halo is like the cream of the crop to me


I have bought CoD every year since Modern Warfare 1. The last few years have really bummed me out, so this year (NO MATTER WHAT THEY SAY), I’m not buying it. It isn’t worth the 2-4 weeks of play time I get out of it. That’s only my opinion.


i hated the last 2 CODS too. But this new one is nothing like those. In fact it’s a totally different developer who’s actually done call of duty right with the black ops series. I’m just saying don’t assume the new one is bad because the old one were trash. Its a totally different game regardless of the call of duty title put on it.