Can I cancel my subscription again?



I renewed it because a few of you were going to start something up again but I haven’t heard anything since. What do?


I am definitely playing, but with the career/wife/kids, it is tough to say exactly WHEN I am on. I basically look for any available time then jump in until something pulls me out. Most of the time, it seems like I am on 7-9 pm Pacific Time. I have a semi-retired VR14 sorcerer that crafts for my alts, a VR1 Nightblade, and a level 14 Templar that I am trying to get to level 50 before the Champion System kicks in. The Sorc is AD, the Nightblade is DC, and the Templar is the third alliance.


Has it gotten any better? I am thinking about renewing.


Most of the bugs are gone, I haven’t seen a gold seller bot in months, they are adding in the Champion System (which will really change how you customize your character) and the Justice System will allow you to CHOOSE if you want to PvP in areas outside Cyrodiil.


When are they planning on adding the justice system? I think I will definitely try it again after that.


I believe that is the final phase of the Champion System, when vet ranks get removed. It probably won’t be in Update 6 (coming to the Public Test Server this month and dropping to regular servers after a bit of testing there). I think they are putting it in Update 7, along with opening up the Imperial City in Cyrodiil for factions to fight over.
BTW, one of the recent changes I liked was adding Crafting Writs, where you get commissioned to create items for NPCs. It let me finally get Enchanting up to 50, as it gives you something like 20,000 crafting XP each time you do it, and it is repeatable daily. The Undaunted Pledges give rewards (and sometimes unique helmets) for completing dungeons, so that it a group activity that can be daily.


The first phase of the justice system is supposed to drop in Update 6. This includes stealing, and pickpocketing NPCs, as well as consequences for illegal actions. The second phase will come in a later update, which will involve other players in the process (I think things like bounties for wanted criminals and so on)


I started playing again, joined the guild, played quite a bit but always by myself. I was literally the only person online in the guild at any point.


That’s the part that I forgot. You can get in trouble with NPCs, with the PvP bounties coming later. I am looking forward to that, as it adds another dimension to towns.

I should join the guild, as I am only in a trading guild at the moment.


Well yeah,that’s because there is no leadership or push to play. It won’t happen on its own. If no one is going to dedicate the time to make it happen, I’m going to cancel my sub I think.

When I resubscribed I thought I remembered someone saying they were going to make an effort on it.


Draco was going to take the reigns I think, but he encountered hardware problems.


Ah, ok. Maybe I can pass lead to someone? Or if it’s still pretty dormant, I can just sit on it.


Really just pass it to anyone who is going to be playing to hold temporarily. I’d love to take it, but i’ve had massive issues for the longest time now, @Rotaugen seems prepared to play for some time to come so probably him. The biggest issue is we have no capability to recruit, only officer + can recruit and you are the only one who has logged in in the last few months. The reason there’s never anybody on is because it’s filled with ghosts, only maybe 5 people in the guild have logged in in the past month. If the staff is switched around and people attempt to recruit, maybe we can have an active guild. Until that happens there is no chance.


I just started playing again. I quit back in June when my twins were born b/c of no time. I was level 39 at the time. I’m going to try getting to VR1 or 2 before the champion system kicks in. That aside, it looks like this will soon be a free to play game. That is what everyone is saying.


That’s what everyone has been saying since pre-alpha announcement. Unless there’s a significant reason to believe this, I wouldn’t count on it.


Well, it’s come up again recently because they removed the option to subscribe for longer than 90 -days. There used to be a 6 month option i guess. And with the console release coming that’s why it has popped up again.


It’s common for console MMOs to not have 180 day subs, seeing as how the console release is coming, that’s a probable reason.


Yea, you guys are probably right, they have been saying that forever.


I’ll take guild master. I plan on playing a lot. I will be primarily pvp focused. I’ve been logging about 40 hours a week and wouldn’t mind trying to put something together. I’ve got 4 professions max level and I’m actively doing research toward 9 traits, so I can help new folks out with most of what they should need.