Can I view my friends chat?


My friend got me to get this bot and we have been wondering if there is a way i can view his chat from my bot?


Hey check this out




So many questions…


Hey sorry i realize how bland that was, my friend and I stream a lot but he streams more as he has a better computer and i cant keep chat open because it uses too much cpu on my end, is there a way for me to use this bot on my computer to read his chat.


Well, I’m still not sure what you’re talking about but why not just load Twitch on your phone and follow the chat there? Might be a good solution.

Also, Twitch chat is just an IRC wrapper and you can connect to it directly using the IRC server info here:

This would allow you to follow chat on any device since there are IRC clients for just about everything. A lightweight IRC client might use less CPU than Chrome running the javascript that powers the Twitch chat.