Can we get a Vamp/WW leveling/playing guide?



I gave up my WW to become a Vamp yesterday and I always hear folks on mumble talking about their bad ass Vamp set up. Can one of you type up a guide or something that can explain how we also make our Vamps bad ass? The only thing I can find on the google machine tells me that it is essential that I feed constantly and I know you guys have said you shouldn’t feed so I would like to get your take on what is the best build.

WW is just dumb but hey we could get a guide for those folks as well.


already got 2 vamp nightblade guides out someone needs to step up and post for the other classes.


How about a DK Vamp guide @Ziq


I dropped ww too, but I did figure out how to level it pretty easy:

Have at least 1 skill point available prior to doing the ww quest. 3 points is optimal so you can get the two ww abilities as you level.

After you complete the quest, but before leaving the hunting ground, put a point in the ww ultimate, slot it, and transform. You don’t have a timer. You will stay in ww form until you leave the hunting ground. The mobs in the hunting ground will re-spawn. Grind them to level.

When I tried to leap on the troll mini-boss it glitched out and I had to re-log, so I wouldn’t suggest attacking him again.