Can you generate a Twitch following streaming 1 night per week?



This is the experiment I want to run. My time for gaming and streaming is limited with all my other commitments (mostly, a lot of work on Strats stuff). I do really love streaming and interacting with the audience though.

So here’s my plan:

  • Stream for 2 hours at a regularly scheduled time every week.

  • Build momentum for the game I’ll be streaming during the upcoming week.

  • Treat the stream like a podcast. An episodic show with topics in addition to gameplay.

I would love to get more feedback about this concept.

Have you tried this? How did it work out? What did you learn?


This was my intent when I first got the desire to stream a few months ago. I have the limited schedule as well. I can get 15-30 minute windows but anything longer than that takes some serious planning or luck. I want to stream for 60 minutes max @ 1-3 days a week.

My reasoning behind the schedule is that people who watch their favorite TV show will tune-in once a week for 30-60 minutes so why wouldn’t the same be applied to a Twitch stream? Or else they watch the entire season in one weekend on Netflix.

Unfortunately I just haven’t had the chance to test this yet. First I had insufficient upload speed with my initial provider. After changing companies 2 months ago I’ve been having service problems with them. Hopefully that is finally getting worked out and I can now produce quality video.

So I might be attempting this experiment along with you.


One thought I had was to fill the StratsCo schedule with time slots. This is a concept that has been floated around for some time now (usually after Strats Weekly in mumble).

I could just use my personal channel for “random” streaming but set up a time to do a regular episodic show on StratsCo. Maybe others would follow.


This isn’t a bad idea actually. Set up a schedule of what streamers on what days, I mean I try to get on around the same time(trying to get back on schedule) it would be cool to have streamers at certain times


I’ve actually been doing throughout the months now… Except I do it every weekend. It’s kind of like a show/podcast basically where there’s one or couple new shows appearing every week.

It really helps and creates an urgency for more streams :). As long as you have a schedule set up, they will know when to come on and chat!


I stream 2-3 hours almost everyday, i find longer streams going into 4-6 hours generally get more viewership and time to get exposure


I agree. I’m wondering if a regular schedule will make up for that.


I actually did this with my first initial streams for about the first six months or so. I’d go on twice daily for 2 hours at a time, only to discover that I was just hitting my stride towards the 2 hour mark. Or the game was getting good/more exciting. Or I had a lot of chat interaction + was hesitant to wrap things up.

I learned that longer streams helped out more with building my following + kept people more engaged. I learned that cutting the stream at a peak time wasn’t always the best. (It was kind of like building momentum and then just stopping suddenly.)

But I also learned that some days only streaming for 2 hours created sort of a need and people would look forward to the next streams that much more.

Now that my stream has had some time to breathe, I find that 4-6 is a better balance for me and now that I have a regular schedule, people know when to expect me. (Sometimes I’ll even have one or two people already parked in the channel before I even start!) Being consistent is huge.

I think that one night a week would be great! It keeps in line with the Strats Weekly format (the once weekly aspect,) + it lets people know right off the bat when you’ll be on and they’ll be anticipating your streams once you get going, @Vocino!


I’m hoping that the shorter time will create that need. Also, how many viewers actually stay with you for the entire 4 to 6 hours?

Without even being a real streamer I know that consistency is key. People get mad if their Judge Judy is interrupted by bad weather alerts or the President speaking. They call the TV station and complain. :laughing:


It will, but it can also disrupt your rhythm if you end too early. Sometimes you might have to fluctuate to accommodate that need. (Maybe stay an extra half hour here or there,) depending on your broadcast flow. Sometimes if things are dry, call it early. But if things are buzzing you might want to extend things.

Most of my regulars stay. Sometimes new people come in and stay. Since people know when to expect me, they linger. I did an 8 hour stream once and people stuck around for the duration.

Regardless if you stream one hour or ten, if you broadcast on Twitch you’re a real streamer to me.

I see no distinction.

And viewership depends on the game and who is streaming what, honestly. If it’s a hype game like the Star Wars Battlefront beta, I was averaging about 20-30 viewers the days I’d stream it. Then it would dip between 10-15, depending on how much action was going on at the time.

(You’d be surprised at how many people will leave if you’re in a menu, lol.)

When I first started MGSV, I had about 50 concurrent. Now it can dip between 20-30, depending on who else is streaming and if my regulars come in. I say ‘depending on who else’ because if it’s a big name streamer and the game just launched it will affect potential people being exposed to your channel, but that’s another beast entirely.

Sometimes I’ll have more of my core base present when I stream. Sometimes it’ll be a Mod wall. Other times a bunch of new people will come in so it varies.

EDIT: Honestly, concurrents matter. But not as much as growth. If you have 20 concurrent but no conversions, that’s a problem. Your goal should be to get at least a certain amount of followers whenever you go live in the beginning to build your base. (For example, my follower goal is 10 every time I stream.)

PS: And besides, @teh_ninjaneer you already have a head start! We’re your core group. :smile:


I’ve found after streaming for 4 years on different accounts that to get a following I would recommend ether an hour every day or like 4 to 5hour streams on the weekends only I personally do 5 hours daily on week and 10 hours on Sat and Sunday it takes a lot of dedication to grow an audience but I have nothing else to do after school but stream so I understand your problem again I recommend an hour a day would be the best I think for your situation😊