Can't create a topic in most categories


I can only create topics in the following categories: General, Lounge, Dev and VIP.

i was hoping to create a thread in the meta category. is it that i don’t have permissions to post anywhere? It would seem at trusted level 2+ and with access to the VIP forum, i would be able to.


Yeah, I can’t create in Off-Topic. Haven’t tried to create topics in any other categories recently though. I just PM’d @Vocino, so we should have an answer soon.


Can you guys give me some more information?

  • Is there an error message?
  • Have you tried logging out and back in?
  • Is it a browser error or server or?


I don’t get an error or anything. I just only get the 4 categories to choose from in the drop down next to the topic title. I’ve tried logging out and back in with no changes. I don’t see a browser error of any kind.


I guess I should add that I’m using google chrome mostly. But I just tested on Safari on my iPhone and have the same problem.


I’m looking into it now.


Here’s what I’m getting.


That’s a completely different thing. Have you tried relogging, clearing cache, etc?


Relogged and cleared all browser data still getting the same error message.


was this topic moved to Meta? i could have sworn i started it in general because i didn’t have access to start a topic in Meta. i’m just making sure i’m not going crazy.


Yes, I moved it to the appropriate category.


just wanted to say how much i love these forums though. that’s why i originally wanted to start a new topic was to praise the forum layout and how clean and efficient it’s running. i have ran about 14 or 15 forum sites in the past, phpbb, smf, ipb, you name it. When i found this site, i forgot those all existed. i’m all about discourse now.

that being said, i know that this little kink will be worked out. i know that discourse is still in beta, and that you’re doing your best to fix it. i appreciate that. i’d love to offer help, but i think discourse might be a bit above my dev skill level. i have a lot of learning to do about it. so in the meantime, i’ll just continue to help trouble shoot the best i can.

thanks again for looking into this.


Thank you for the kind words. I am definitely doing the best I can with it. Running infrastructure like this can be a chore but I get much joy from facilitating great groups and guilds like we have going here.

In other news, I believe I have fixed your posting issues.


yup, it seems fixed. thanks!