Captain America Civil War




Yes yes yes. I pissed myself watching this!


On your left!

Also, someone get Blink a towel…


Digging it.


OMFG !!!
I need to invent either time travel or cryostasis cause I cant wait


Holy heck in a handbasket that was solid!


As an avid Agents of Shield watcher I’m really looking forward to how this movie will tie into the show.


I find it interesting that Coulson (since he “died”) doesn’t exist in the canon of the Marvel Universe movies, yet the canon of the movies is reflected in Agents of Shield.


He does exist they’ve just kept him out of it.


please be careful of spoilers :cry:




If you haven’t seen the avengers by now it’s a little bit your fault. Especially since you’ve seen AoS which references it quite frequently. Now go watch avengers and any of the other movies you haven’t seen yet.


ok my bad, thought you was referencing Agents of Shield


Oh no - meant Avengers. I’m all about protecting spoilers, just didn’t think Avengers qualified.

I do have a spoiler about another movie though - in Titanic, the ship sinks.


While that could be true, Joss Whedon felt for the sake of canon Coulson needed to remain dead in the movies. And while I could live with that idea in Age of Ultron, it doesn’t make sense that the Avengers don’t know about the inhumans or AoS at this point.


From what I recall he was just excluded from the movie for whatever reason, but as far as canon the movies and shows share a universe. I could be wrong, but I don’t think so.


New trailer!

SO MUCH HYPE! And you guys keep track of everyone we see at the end?!


I know its a movie and certain rules must apply…but I wish they kept things closer to the comic.

Would have loved to seen more faces. That said, I am stoked to see more of Black Panther. We’ll see how “underoos” plays out.


That would end being a 30 hour movie lol. Not to mention most of those characters haven’t been introduced in the cinematic universe so it would be really really difficult to bring them in all at once.


I look at the comic movies as another version of the heros. Like how there are different versions of Spider-Man in different comics, these movies are a different version. I hear a lot of people say that they don’t like how they didn’t stay to the comic origin of a hero, but this is just another origin universe. In my opinion.