Capture cards for streaming


so Im looking to expand my streaming variety for my channel, my question to you great people is what cards do you recommend and how easy it is to use with streaming applications (Ex OBS).
thanks for your time


Elgato HD60. Pretty standard in the Twitch community. Idk about ease of use, but if a lot of people are using it, any problems should have readily available answers.


If you’re looking ease of use you can’t go wrong with Elgato. The new(ish) HD60 S does 60 fps at 1080.

I used to use the internal HD60 Pro but unfortunately they haven’t updated it.

The Elgato software is pretty good but using OBS is what most people do.


I have an elgato capture card. Ask me how many times Ive used it. The trouble of setting it up and managing volume and screens and all that is so much that I’d rather buy a game twice and just have it on pc as well.

I might just be using it wrong but it’s never truly worked for me.


Honestly, between the Elgato HD60 and the AverMedia ExtremeCap U3 I used to use, the Elgato was a lot easier. The big difference was the AverMedia needed USB 3.0 and had no video throughput, but it also didn’t have the ~5 second latency, so depending on your priorities one might be better than the other, and both worked well for what I used them for.


awesome thanks alot for all the input, it was truly helpful


What did you go with? Or what are you leaning toward?


gonna go with the elgato since its mainly the consensus here, now i just have to wait to budget it in. been wanting to play some uncharted 4 again. and do a lets play of Tales of Symphonia for my non existent youtube channel


Nice, sounds good!