Carrying case for PS4


Here’s what I’m thinking since I’m traveling for business more:

Unfortunately, it won’t match my Tumi luggage but I think I can deal with that.


I think this one is pretty good, Also pulls double duty!


Hilarious. :unamused:

PS: I already have a Bjorn in black. Wife got one.


Damn you, the had a point and that was to hide the auto linking the forum has!

Besides, you already made your decision. Clearly you need another Tumi bag for it.

Not joking really, if you enjoy the brand you could always find a carry on they do in the aprox size. Unless you check it, and in that case you may want to go carbon fiber with foam and a lock. That will likely have to wait for next trip though. You may need to commission it. I know when I traveled with weapons of any kind I would use a pretty heavy duty locked carbon fiber case with foam.


I have something like that that is waterproof for my fancy expensive camera xD


Actually might get that for my travels as well, good find sir, good find.


As long as nothing breaks mid travel, I say go for it. I haven’t found any console carrying cases I have personally liked. My handhelds, on the other hand, are always carried in style.


Yeah our camera travels in-cabin with us. Not putting 3000 dollars on a conveyor belt…