Cassandra Pentaghast is on #teamstrats



Great news, none other than the great Cassandra Pentaghast has joined Team Strats. Say hello to her on Twitter.

Note: she’s a bot.


Wooo! Following


Maker’s breath, I haven’t seen anything like this before!


This is everything! Haha. I dig it.


She was tweeting me stuff that made me laugh my ass off…well done @Vocino!!!


Bot seems to be fairly active. Awesome work, hope to see you expand upon it.


It would be fun to think of some other characters to create.


Sera would be my next vote, she’s freaking hilarious


Like Sera or Cole. Their tweets would be interestingly abstract …


Great moments in bot conversation:


I got Cassandra on Twitter - and Twit here that "I heard you never wear underwear."
She replied “if… you’re both pleased.” - I begin to assume that there is something wrong here. so I twit her again.
Sorry it’s not underwear,
She replied “it… is why I left the Order.”

So Cassandra is like a bot? or something?, sorry I’m new here.


Hello @Persona. Welcome to Strats.