Casual Destiny play on PS4

Hi all, so I’ve actually never played Destiny with others - always been a solo player - and I’m finally wanting to experience some of the content I haven’t before. Raids, Crucible, etc.

If anyone is up for forming a PS4 fireteam in the evenings, I am all for it. I’ve dropped my PSN ID in a couple of the official topics here, but it’s just “tmad40blue” just like my username.

I’m in Eastern Time (US) and am usually available starting at around 6pm daily. Let me/us know if you’d like to participate, thanks!

I will join ya. I still need to finish gearing. What is your current light level?

I just hit 300 a couple days ago, and I’m continuing to grind it out doing heroic strikes and the like when I can. I went from 285 to 300 in 3 days so it shouldn’t take me long to up my level more.

Its pretty fast once you start playing the raid. I started at 310. We will get you there.

Hey tmad, I just approved your Strats gamertag.

Mine never was… hmmmmm

I see the request from Jul 7 but I don’t have a button to approve it, or I would have. Happy to fix it if you want to try again.


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Thursday nights is my video game night. If I am online I’ll be happy to play. Will add you to friends list.

I play Destiny!

My LL is 333, and I am very experienced in PvE. I’m pretty average in PvP.

My PSN is SkullflowerMcGee.

My gaming schedule can be really sporadic due to work, but if anyone needs me for a raid or anything, let me know in advance so I can check my availability. I really do enjoy playing, and I wanna help people get ready for Rise of Iron :heart:

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Add me next time you get on if I don’t add you first. PSN ohnokenzilla

Thanks for the responses, I’ve added those of you who put your PSN IDs in your posts.

I’m looking to possibly play this evening between 6 and 11pm Eastern (US), so if you can do that, let me know!

add the mighty one xploz1on

I hate that I just saw this. I need to get better geared too and I haven’t played in awhile. My LL is like 315 or something. Add me: longrifle7

Hai. I’m ll300. I could probably jump in for some strikes or nm vog lol.