Ceramic Dragon Mugs!


Hello Strats Fam!

I have been working on a set of mugs for myself, as well as a project for my ceramics class. I decided to go with something a little more whimsical, so I have made a set of four dragon mugs!

Keep in mind I am not a very good potter or sculptor, but here they are unglazed. I finished them today, now they need to be bisque fired, sanded, glazed, and then fired again.

@SenNish gave me the wonderful idea of making three of the four mugs into the three dragons from Game of Thrones (Viserion, Drogon, and Rhaegal), but that leaves one extra mug! So that’s where you guys come in. I am going to be giving one of these mugs away next week. Now, these puppies will definitely be bisque fired by Thursday, glazed, and hopefully fired again by Monday night. If they have not been glazed, whoever wins the mug will get to decide what color they want it. If I glaze them on Thursday, this mug will be either darkish red with a cream “belly” or a sort of amber. These mugs will come washed, and are microwave and dishwasher safe. So if you are interested, please post here and I will keep a list of name entries. I want to keep this giveaway limited to Strats members only, so whoever posts here by Sunday night will be put in a name generator, and I will announce the winner on Monday. :smile:

Here are some pics! I will update you all on the process as they are bisque fired, sanded, glazed, etc. They are kind of rough right now as they have not been footed or sanded, so just keep that in mind! :smiley:

Thanks :sistas:

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Those look like they’ll turn out really cool


Thanks I hope so! This is my first time adding anything to my wheel-made pottery, so hopefully they will turn out nice. I plan on making another set featuring the 1st gen pokemon starters.


Make a Mawile cup!


Oh man! Those looks like they’re going to be awesome!


Oh man these are cool. I MIGHT buy a set of Dany’s dragon mugs if you decide to make more/sell :slight_smile: Cause I’m excited!


If I have time to do another set, I will do it for you! This set is going to take me a while. 2-4 hours to make the mugs, 2+ hours for the wings and handles/tails, then another 2-4 hours of sanding and glazing, not to mention it takes 48 to cool the high fire from 1500F back to room temp. :smiley:


Seriously, no biggie! Just interested in future endeavors :slight_smile: Supportin’ mah :sistas:


You should have made Tiamat to really impress the class.




Update on the mugs – Sooo the mugs are still unglazed. My professor had a death in the family and has been out all week, so he has been unable to load the kiln (he’s the only one with access to it). That means that I will still be doing the giveaway, and the winner will get to pick the color of their choice! Yay! I will be announcing the winner Monday night at Strats Weekly for those interested in having one of these.


For the record, not liking your professor’s situation, but LOVING the continued pics :sistas:


Thank you to all that have shown interest! The drawing is now close and I am putting names into a random name generator to be selected. If you liked the original post or commented, your name has been entered. I will be announcing the winner on tonight’s Strat’s weekly. Thanks!

#Update: Winner has been selected :wink:


Aww I don’t think I pressed the Like button…


Lol you commented you’re good. :smiley:


Did I win. Or did the evil princess @Laoria gobble this one up too?



#Congrats @Auth :slight_smile:


I meant to take a picture but, alas, I did not. The mugs have been sanded, waxed, and glazed! They are currently being fired in the high fire kiln and will take the weekend to cool down! I will post results Monday or Tuesday!


Just pulled the mugs out of the kiln today for those who are interested. The rustic aesthetic I was trying for was successful! And thank goodness! I’m so happy with them


They look great… Now make me one :smile: