Champion Point usage



Earned the first point today (other than the 70 I got for having a VR14). It took a LONG time. Apparently I didn’t have enlightenment. None of my characters do. Do I have to not log on for a day to get it? Going away for the weekend, so will be off 2-3 days. I can see it will be a slow grind. Need 19 more to unlock the 30 point passive on the constellations I am using.


good luck and have fun


I’m up to a whole 4 Champion Points now, almost exclusively due to inspiration bonuses and grinding zombies in Coldharbor. If I can already have 4, I have to wonder how many the diehard players have already. I’m already committed to three constellations to get the 30 point passives, but am debating switching to another constellation after that since it will take 90 total points to pick up another 30 point passive in 3 other constellations, compared to staying in the same one and needing to get another 270 points to hit the 120 point passive in each. Another 90 points I can probably get in about 3 months, versus 3/4 of a year to get the 270 more to hit the 120 point passives.


Does Enlightenment only affect Champion Point accrual? The vet rank points don’t seem to keep pace.


I done ran out of Enlightenment. :frowning:
At least I know that I am using the most I can. At 79 points now, with 11 more until I have to make major choices. I can get the 10 and 30 point passive from EVERY constellation faster than getting the 120 point one in three. Yeah, the highest passives are nice, but are they better than the accumulation of all the others? What are you doing with Champion Points?


This is the layout for “Firespitter”, which is what I’m working on.
The Steed – 10 CP Spell Shield
The Lady – 14 CP Light Armor Focus
The Tower – 23 CP Magician
The Apprentice – 23 CP Elemental Expert


So you are willing to split points between constellations. I have to decide whether to do that soon, as I am 5 points away from having the 30 point passive in each of the 3 I am using now. That should take about 5 days so will have to decide this weekend. Some of the 75 and 120 point passives are not impressive, but others are. Maybe I will stay in one constellation for some and split in others like you have done.