Champion Points clarified by ZoS

They finally came out and admitted that VR14 will get the same 30 Champion Points as a VR1, so when they told us to keep grinding the VR14 and we would get points, well, that has changed. Not too happy, but it’s hardly going to make me quit the game. Just gonna level alts until the Champion System drops. If it takes long enough, I might have one vet for each class, which would be optimal. I have a VR14 sorc that I had kept grinding, and recently started a Nightblade that is at level 18. Once the Nightblade hits 50, I will roll with a Templar or Dragonknight.

Well that is pretty annoying. I can’t think of any reason they would do that. Why not reward players that have played your broken version of the game?

That’s pretty lame. I’m happy cause I’m only VR1.

They significantly lowered the total CP points to max out a character, from something like 14,400 to 3,600 so each point means more and they supposedly want to prevent a very large separation between the strengths of the characters when it starts. However, what will they do a year from now for new players since the current ones will be a lot further along than they are? It won’t stop me from playing the game, and I have a reason to play all the alts now, just feel like I wasted a lot of time in the grind from VR1 to VR14, as I could have easily got at least 3 alts to VR1 in the time it took.


Doesn’t bother me in the slightest. The way I see it is I didn’t grind to V14 for CS points. I did it because i was in love with the end game and people would get pissy about a V5 in THEIR Trial run, how dare I? The idea of not having these V14 monsters out the gate w/ points ahead of everybody seems fine to me. I can understand other people being mad though, it just doesn’t matter to me.

I am not asking to be a VR14 monster, just for them to keep their word and give us SOMETHING. Even a couple CP points per VR level past the first would be fine, as it still doesn’t unbalance the game yet rewards those who listened to them when they said to keep going instead of rolling an alt. There are 3600 points to max a character anyway.

ZoS just changed it’s mind based on the screaming at the forums. Now you will get 5 champion points per completed vet level, with one point per 200,000 XP earned towards the next level. So, my vet 14 gets the maximum 70 points per account. Someone who just hit vet 1 gets none unless they get at least 200,000 XP towards the next level. This is much better than the initial setup, where I would have been better off getting 4 characters to Vet 1. I started a new character a couple weeks ago and they are already level 45, with 5 levels to go until vet. Contrast that to my Vet 14 that I had from initial release in April until a couple weeks ago. Much more fair way of doing this.strong text

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I did the math. Me, who got to VR 14 before the xp caps needed 47.8M xp to do so. I only get 70 points instead of 239 QQ

I don’t really care, i just felt like doing the math.

Yeah, I think that I was vet12 when they changed the points needed. I’m just glad to get SOMETHING for all the grinding compared to a Vet1.

I think the worse thing here is why lie to the only loyal players you have?
It seems they wanted people to feel their was a reason to keep playing, but lying like that will only put a bad taste in the mouths of otherwise loyal players IMO.

Bad move, I’m rooting for this game to make a comeback, but bad move.

I’m actually excited about all the changes coming, was just upset that I would get less than someone just starting off when I’ve been in since Beta.

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Have they set a hard date on Update 6? I can only find articles that say January, no precise date.

Not yet, and is keep looking