Champion Warden Inquisitor Nubhugs

Whew… it’s all over. I managed to do it in one play-through with different saves. Ended up finishing at level 23 and around 90 hours. If anyone has any Dragon Age questions during their play-through feel free to ask. Good luck fellow Inquisitors!

Props to @teh_ninjaneer for “Champion Warden Inquisitor” title


Wow, that’s so nuts. I don’t have any platinum trophies haha


Oh my gosh…I haven’t even finished the main storyline yet… I don’t have any platinum trophies yet either. I was hoping I could get the Diablo 3 one, but I haven’t yet. @Lewes17 platinumed Shadow of Mordor.

HURRAYYY I’m feeling we should make a badge for this.

Care to make an interesting race to Diablo 3 Platinum? I just checked, I literally have 1 more trophy then you do in Diablo 3.

Mighta miscounted… it says we’re both at 65%

I am SO down @DrizztDo_Urden69! I have been looking for an excuse to get back into Diablo.

Hell yeah its on!!

Where is @Nubhugs?

Idk, I’ve seen him playing but not in the forums in a while