Change the "" category to "Meta"


Should we do this? Why? Why not? Putting it here so we can vote on it.


Nothing better to do on your birthday?


You mean than work for free for you guys in this community?


That and rebrand everything that was working fine if you ask me.

Happy birthday!


I’ve learned and am aware that you have a nontrivial fear of change, @xploz1on. I promise I’m not deliberately trying to trigger you. I’m working to iterate on making things better whenever I have time. Because I love this place. I promise.


what might be accomplished by this change?

Seems, imo, majority of the posts lately are either Gaming, Off-topic or Intros/Self Promo

is just under utilized, lacking relevance/meaning?

oh and Happy Naked Arrival Day on Earth!


I’m down.


It is for meta discussion already. The goal is just to make it easier to identify. Just throwing it out there.

We need more feature ideas in the #strats:features category so we can prioritize what to work on.


100 backing this, we’ve needed a meta category for a while.


Every time I see a video of someone doing a “mic drop”, it makes me cringe. Don’t they know how sensitive and expensive those things are?!?


wont #meta:features be confusing?


I like the idea, and that would help with changing the Discord channel to #meta as well so there’s less confusion.


No no no no. There has to be a #strats category and channel.


That is a good point.


What if I told you that the whole Forums is the #strats supercategory?


I’m not against the idea, I’m just not sure I understand the shift. Are introductions, features and bugs part of the :strats_green: meta?




I would think so.


If you do this change, you should describe what meta you’re talking about. Meta without a reference to the source you are metaing about is confusing.

On a related note, if you could modify the forum software so visiting a category page (e.g. would actually display the category description (e.g. “Meta category for product, services, guilds, members, etc.”), that would help usability. Currently, the description only appears on the main forum listing page, and the use of pinned threads is not consistently used to explain each forum section.

Add icon and description to header of category pages

Can do! Thanks for the suggestion.