Change will be a Constant in Star Wars Battlefront II

I also read a rumor that Microsoft is considering acquiring EA. They are looking to grab up a big name publisher. EA was at the top of the short list I saw. Also included was valve and PUBG Corp. I think Microsoft is looking to try to cut off Sony from sharing in some of the big name titles. That could all make a difference on how EA focuses on certain games in the near to distant future.

That sounds very expensive considering…

Investors aren’t seeing that as a disaster. EA projected an optimistic fourth fiscal quarter for the period ending March 31, with projections of earnings per share at $1.86. EA shares are up 4.8 percent to $123.53 a share in after-hours trading.

Something like PUBG Corp seems more closely aligned with the Minecraft strategy that worked pretty well for them. EA has a long history of valuation that would not leave much room for negotiation. Those types of companies are usually not as interested of acquisition unless they’re more of mergers.

I think the article mentioned that PUBG Corp was probably the front runner since they already have their game on their platform. And yeah maybe it said merger for some of those other names. Again it was clearly just rumor anyway.

I think a Valve buy might make sense. What Microsoft really needs is the solid bridge between Xbox and PC that they haven’t been able to establish with Windows Store. Having Steam would give them the ability to lock in distribution deals.

Please no.


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If MS bought Valve. I can’t think of anything more terrible. Maybe Facebook buying Valve.

My bias would want them to buy EA in the hopes EA became less crappy. Only one direction for them to go at this point (knocks on wood).

I feel like Microsoft already has the bridge they want (solid or not) with the Microsoft Store. Most of the games advertised on the store front page are Xbox Play Anywhere games, meaning that you purchase once and you can play the game on both XB1 and Win10.

I feel like Steam is established as the premier PC digital store. If you are a serious PC gamer then you know about Steam and will use it. The Microsoft Store is for Xbox console users who might dabble on a laptop or a Dell desktop or something.

How many of us Strategists are also Xbox users? Why would Microsoft want to bridge Xbox and PC for all these Steam games that aren’t even available for Xbox?

Also, Xbox will be getting a boost later this year when Sea of Thieves, Crackdown 3 and State of Decay 2 launch, all of which will be Play Anywhere titles. I think multiplayer for all of those games will be a big deal with the combined populations of PC and XB1.

I’ll be honest. I want strats to partake in some piracy.

Because the popularity of PC gaming on a steady upward trend. And as it climbs the popularity of gaming consoles will slowly start to decline. They need a backup plan if not a second revenue stream from the gaming front.

I am not sure I agree with this. A steady upward trend might be possible, but how far behind the consoles is the PC right now? How long will it take to catch up?

I like to make PC master race jokes too, but there are a lot of consoles out there and, when considering multiplatform games such as Battlefield, a whole lot more (3x or more) of PS4 copies than PC.

If anything the new consoles might be a better purchase for gaming right now with the absurd price of computer parts.


NECRO! Raising this post from the dead because I thought this article was pretty interesting and relevant. EA’s leadership has not forgotten the backlash around loot boxes as it looks forward to its upcoming games.

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Should probably be discussing this topic again because Battlefront 2 released the second part of their update this past Wednesday (Apr 18).

Their new progression system is now in place as well as all the new cosmetics.

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What’s the tl;dr of the update?

If EA “can’t afford” another controversy… here’s to hoping they succumb to their nature and finally die.


Yeah, they’re the second country now; here’s the eurogamer article (link inside to the Netherlands’ gambling article)

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I hereby rez this thread with new info!


Just what I always wanted, a little video games with my politics.

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