Change will be a Constant in Star Wars Battlefront II


Yeah, I won’t deny I have agod bunch of chips on my shoulder regarding EA, especially regarding companies like bullfrog, maxis, bioware and such. But I’m for sticking to my topics and not just furthering agendas just because I happen to have certain points in common with them, I guess I just like to stay kosher in regards to my complaints. I’m sure the people at DICE are smart enough to cut through the morass and identify the bigger issues (their announcement very well shows so, imo), but I still feel it’s worth point out that as I see them, all criticisms leveled against the game aren’t equally justifiable.



Fair point.



I’m not sure if this qualifies as a “bandwagon” issue. It isn’t trendy to expect the full experience when you pay the full retail price for a AAA game. Having to spend 2000 hours or a shit ton of money to unlock all the content is just completely unacceptable. If you must bilk your customers with microtransactions at least keep it to cosmetics and things that don’t have an effect on gameplay, and even that is a bit much on a $60 title. This greedy bullshit is keeping me from buying a game that I want to play. It’s actually a bit impressive that EA has managed to fuck up a franchise that a huge amount of people would buy just because it’s Star Wars.

From everything I’ve seen they made a fantastic game and then ruined it out of pure greed.



Pretty sure it’s 4000 hours. I saw it on reddit!

If people actually used math to figure this out then they missed a decimal point or forgot to carry the 1. As I’ve stated many times on Discord I have about 10 hours spent playing the game and I almost have enough currency to buy the two most expensive heroes.

DICE built the game assuming that players wanted to work towards a goal. That might have been ok 20 years ago, maybe even 10, but in today’s gaming the consumer wants the option for everything now. They might spend 100 hours playing the game but that time can’t be used to acquire something.



It is. But that’s not what they’re addressing. They’re taking down the gem bundles over concerns of p2winness, which I consider valid. The time required to unlock something and whether to allow impatient people to pay for them is another issue, if not less valid.



tldr: Disney’s CEO to EA: fix this.

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I bet shit is pretty real for EA right now. Regardless of your opinion of the game and the changes, the point stands that sentiment is extremely low and that is bad for the brand.

Disney has a fiduciary responsibility to protect the Star Wars IP and I know from my Lucasfilm peeps that there are always clauses to exit those relationships based on irresponsible misalignment on overall brand goals.

This would have to go to mediation or something between Disney and EA but they do have that lever.



You can keep memeing about how long it will or won’t take, but here’s the thing about what you’re saying: you almost have enough to unlock the top two heroes (less than half of what you need to spend to unlock the other 4 heroes), but not kit them out, not unlock the rest of everything available (ships, cards, etc.), and you’ve already worked through some of the largest single influxes of in-game currency (which come from achievements and campaign completion; obviously there are probably more achievements, but those are one-time rewards, as I understand it, that won’t last forever); progression will slow down at some point, and that still ignores the fact that EA was allowing folks to buy their way through progression in a predominantly-PVP title where having better gear stands to impact not only on your experience but others’ as well.

Maybe it’s not thousands of hours like the doomsayers still claim it is, maybe it was and EA did indeed make tweaks (remember the 75% reduction they claimed to make? That puts what you’ve accomplished thus far at closer to 40 hours of progression on the old system if they did indeed reduce the times from when people got up in arms over this, not the 10 hours you’ve experienced), but many people don’t even have 100 hours to play a single game, and I doubt very seriously in the state it’s in that you could get everything in that time frame, particularly because it relies on loot crate RNG for progression; compared to similar titles (especially previous Battlefronts) I still don’t think the time sync with the (inevitably-returning) option for players that can afford it to buy their way through progression is reasonable based on everything I’ve seen/heard.

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This is the whole thing. Right here. I think this is what the supporters are missing.

  • The concept of accomplishment and available gameplay is ok (e.g. unlocking new content as you progress).
  • The concept of being time rich vs cash rich is ok (e.g. having crystals or whatever).

The problem is that these two concepts (which are both ok) were not designed into this game in a responsible manner. They were attached to competitive elements which, as @Auth mentioned, impact everyone’s experience.

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passive-aggressive response inc

You are absolutely right and I am completely wrong.



Well that’s disappointing. I was enjoying the discussion.



My only regret is that I didn’t spend $200+ on boxes before the ability was removed.

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I’m totally with you on that one! :laughing:



I like Valves business model in Dota 2… all heroes accessible, purchasable items are just cosmetic. PLUS a lot of those cosmetic items are community created, Valve just get to take their cut.

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The difference that would make it okay vs not okay for me is whether the stuff you could buy could be attained through regular gameplay or not. If no, then okay, that’s an issue. If yes, again, I have no problem on a company benefiting from the impatient.

On the other topic, I still don’t think being able to buy one of the “major” heroes and probably kit him out in 10 hours is that drama worthy, but that’s another issue.

They can thank their lucky stars nobody gives a shit about games such as Disney Infinity. Again, goes to show how the only thing that’s making changes is not good points made from the community, but an angry mob that’s honestly blowing things out of proportion instead. It’s setting a very dangerous precedent, imo.

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I think I have 40+ characters.



This guy sucks and is dominating the other team.



Okay, but could he obtain all that by just playing, or would he need to buy the upgrades, is what interests me.



The video actually dropped during the last testing phase that was going on last week (invite only, IIRC), so it’s possible he went on a massive grind to achieve that, but more likely (IMO) that he paid for all that. He has a video on his account that shows how to upgrade the most efficient way without spending money, but you can see from his menu screen that he has leftover real money currency.

Regardless of whether he paid or not, however, this is the sort of imbalance that (under the way the system had been before it was tweaked then taken down) could have occurred in live servers. It’s also worth noting that ships (whether in starfighter battles or on the bigger mixed infantry/vehicle maps) are actually more imbalanced by a fair bit when you start getting cards, etc. than infantry are (based on what several of the videos I’ve previously link claim to be true).



Okay, but it’s three separate problems we’re talking here:

1- Whether you could skip through progression by paying money, which is a minor problem (to me).
2- The fact that there’s an unlock system by which you can get more powerful as you unlock stuff, which has more risky implications balance wise, but still isn’t a super issue to me, and
3- Whether you could only obtain said advantages over your fellow players by paying instead of playing for those upgrades, which is the definitely bigger issue here. Because, while yes, people who would pump hundreds of dollars into the game would have an advantage over everyone else during the first days of the game, if everything is unlockable by playing would mean things could conceivably level out as people earn those upgrades by playing.

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