Changes in the ESO guild leadership



Hello guildies,

I would like to announce that @Vocino has decided he would like to focus more on the community as a whole and I have taken over the spot of guild master for the Strats & Co ESO guild. Some people have decided to move on to other games but I will be sticking with ESO and I am going to be there to support you all and we are going to have more scheduled events, contests, etc.

With that said, I will need some officers to help me achieve this goal. The officers I am looking for should be.

  • Active in ESO
  • Available to help members
  • Have good leadership skills
  • Have good ideas for ways to improve the guild and build camaraderie.

I am an Army squad leader in real life so I have a lot of leadership skills to bring to the guild. One thing I believe in is not micromanaging. I will be passing down my intent to the officers and I need officers that I can trust will make it happen and don’t be afraid to respectfully question anything I pass down.

If you are interested in being an officer for the guild send me a PM and I will review your activity on the forums and in game to see if you would be a good fit.

Thanks for your time.

Edit I should bring up that these officer opportunities will be “candidate” positions where I will monitor your performance and after a time if the council is satisfied you will become a full fledged officer.



congrats on the promotion!


I have made my first choice for officer.

Congrats @iamkrillin

He has caught the eye of a number of the Strats & Co leadership by being active on the forums and organizing guild events to help make the guild more active and more fun the be a part of.

Thank you @iamkrillin for your hard work and keep it up!


@iamkrillin is good people.


Thanks! I will be looking forward to working with everyone!

@Vocino omigod :blush: hahaha


True, true… Grats on your promotion, the both of you!


I’m glad to hear we haven’t given up on ESO. I still really enjoy the game and look forward to the guild being a little more active in the game. :smile:


And… Congrats to @Nekko_chan

@Nekko_chan has been very active on the forums and has also been working very hard to foster a sense of community in the guild and organize events.

Thank you for your hard work and keep it up!



I am still looking for one more officer. Are there any other people who are interested?


And my final choice for officer is… @Poosh

Thank you for all you do and keep it up.


Thumbs up to our officers and guild lead! I have high hopes for Strats Co to grow in ESO. We have the infrastructure and you guys have got what it takes to help us grow. Craglorn here we come!