Changes to /r/fireteams

I Need Help

In a new article from the moderators of /r/fireteams, they have said they will be adding rankings to the subreddit. This could be great opportunity for us to gain reputation there. I would like to stay on top of this and get your help to up vote our Reddit accounts that we use to promote the clan. This would ensure we are trusted and help get new members.

This is the article copied from the moderators post. This is the normal version if you want links.

Hello Guardians!

We have big plans in store for /r/fireteams and I wanted to get your feedback! I got to thinking how we could pair up strangers and yet give people some assurance that, although they're strangers, you're still getting a good team together. We want to avoid people who will just quit halfway through a strike, kids that will scream into the mic, players getting booted at the end, etc. I somehow met up with /u/Muhuhaha and he made it all happen. All I had were some silly ideas for the sub, and he turned them into a wonderful robot friend! Here's what we're cooking up...

Before continuing, I'd like to emphasize that this is all subject to change. We haven't finalized anything yet and we're still working to find out what will be best for the subreddit. Please don't come yell at us if a specific feature wasn't implemented just right or if something in this post wasn't included in the final version or if none of this made it into the final version.

The intention of this post is just to give you all an idea of what's coming!

Ranking System
Take a look at /r/Changemyview. You'll notice that some members have ∆'s in their flair. These are awarded by other users when someone makes a good argument. Users who consistently change others' views are awarded multiple deltas. This is all done with a bot, so all a commenter needs to say is "∆" and the delta is awarded. Example. So you'll see some people like "Rlight [5∆]" Example

We could utilize this here. Imagine a poster asking "LFG Weekly Heroic." They find their team. They go through their raid, and if everyone was cooperative then they come back to the thread and reply to each player by saying "gg". This will signal the bot, and our robot friend will award the other player with +1★. In the long term, we'll have a good bunch of users with Deltas/stars. So you'll make a thread "Looking for fireteam...." and see commenters like

Rlight [5★] - I'd love to join. Void Warlock

You'll immediately know that Rlight has participated in 5 raids on /r/fireteams and at least 5 people thought he did a good job. This encourages people to use /r/fireteams since we have a system implemented to highlight successful players. It encourages people to come back to fireteams since they can keep upping their score. We have even set up a leaderboard for users with the most deltas/stars. Best of all, it's all done by a bot. Additionally, we can (hopefully) set up a negative review system. If you go into a raid/nightfall and get booted and replaced in the last 2 minutes you can come back and respond "Report," and we'll catalogue it and remove abusive players from /r/fireteams.

This is a very similar system that we can combine with or replace the numbered rankings. Check out /r/gamesale. There they give special flairs for users who have successfully done business with 10 users, 50 users, 100 users, etc. Now, obviously we'll have to fine tune the flair system to match how often people are using /r/fireteams but we think it will work.

I like having Gold/Silver/Bronze more than having a distinct number because this way we can make adjustments behind the scenes without changing every single user's scores. For example, if 500 people made it to Gold within the first week we'd have to adjust the numbers a bit and knock them down to silver or Bronze. The highest tier should be for those who have done a lot of matchmaking on the sub. Additionally, this is nice because it deters users from discriminating based solely on a score. For instance, a thread with 7 applicants OP would probably just pick whichever commenters have the highest delta score. Using Bronze/Silver/Gold kinda dulls that effect a little bit. Another neat aspect of the tiered system is that we could give special tiers/flairs/symbols to Sherpas.

Concerns and Questions for you!
Would you use it? Would most of you come back after a raid and leave a comment saying "gg" to some of the people you played with? The system would not work unless you guys came back and gave reviews of other players!

How can we improve it? We're still in the testing phases so there is still time for changes to be made. Do you have any ideas on how we can make it work better?

How often do you use /r/fireteams - How many times have you successfully found a group, done your raid/nightfall and been happy with the result? This question is important for us to determine the tier levels.

What should the ∆/★/? be called?? Stars? Deltas? Points? Shards? Marks? Coins? Motes?

You have my support, just let us know when something goes up.


I second @Wheatums