Chappie Challenge


Continuing the discussion from Poll: Will you be playing EVOLVE?:

Let the record show that this is the most embarrassing marketing ploy I’ve seen in recent memory.

“Hey guys, we heard you created a super-effective (cheating or massively advantaged) script for your new game; we have a proposition for you.”



I don’t know why the Chappie movie makes me cringe but it does, hard.

That being said, it would be funny to make a bot that out bots a bot…being that ISN’T the goal here, yawn.


Cringe is putting it lightly… haha.


So far I’m failing pretty hard. I’m losing to the bots when they come to kill my precious eggs.

I need more Monster sk1llz.

Edit - but my rock throwing ability is getting deadly


This is interesting. I think the campaign has potential but I’d rather see a high point leader or some other metric to qualify against bots and then an actual winner chosen by playing against a pro team or some human skill element.