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I’m a little confused by the Minecraft cheating situation because I haven’t had a lot of experience with the game. Is there a way to win the instance that makes the other players lose? What does cheating net you over other players and how can you use that to your advantage against others? Does that advantage come at a cost to other players experiences or is it limited to just that person’s experience?

I am pretty ignorant on Minecraft mechanics but I always viewed it as sort of like cheating in The Sims. That is to say, you can enter a “cheat” code a get a bunch of money but it’s not as if that is a cheapened experience of the game—just a different experience.

How do you want to play the game?

Essentially, for minecraft, knowledge is “cheating” if you want to define it in that manner.

Think risk v reward, if you know what is where much faster than anyone else you can essentially squash peoples mines before they even start.

A good example is the Diamonds allowed to be harvested every X duration that is currently on the server. If a person is cheating they are essentially able to see exactly where diamonds are in a given chunk, mine to their exact location and harvest them. No one else will know if this transpiring unless the person says anything of it or they discover your precise mine.

In this case, many people believe that using your mod powers for any reason aside from banning is an abuse.

As for the nether part, I don’t know anything of it. Lots of ‘Grey’ areas in Minecraft “Rules”.


My feelings are similar. As long as what you are doing does not effect my game (- or +) knock yourself out.

If someone were to have an unfair advantage to resources that I potentially would want to harvest, I would say no.

If someone were to find a way to harvest resources that should be unattainable, it make no difference to me. Don’t mess with game economy.

If someone “hacks” and makes the game unstable, I would say no.


The biggest gray area in Minecraft, in my opinion, is glitching and exploiting limitations within the game itself to obtain gains faster than they’d normally be available. Some contend that because the dev team knows about many of the issues and hasn’t fixed them it’s fair game while others (myself included) feel that just because it hasn’t been fixed doesn’t automatically make it right. To me, the ability to make certain resources effectively limitless through AFK farming or glitching through bedrock detract from the overall intended experience of Minecraft. Is it possible? Sure, thanks in no small part to the limitations of the game’s code, but that still doesn’t automatically make it right; I, for one, have no interest in allowing things like this on our server as it leaves users with two choices:

  1. Glitch and exploit like other people are or
  2. Never be as capable or possess as much material as those that are glitching and exploiting

People not taking advantage of the gray systems and methodologies are left completely overshadowed in almost every aspect of gameplay when compared to those who do. They have less, so they can’t build as much, which is the core essence of the game, even in survival mode: explore and create. It cheapens the overall experience of those working hard to find resources or make grand structures when others do it faster and with less effort; it can be disheartening, to say the least.


I agree, to devalue rare resources and throw off the economy of the game, would effect my game play and I would not be cool with that.

Edit: I just shed a tear as I thought about SWG…


Does MC even have an economy? I haven’t really played all that hardcore in a while, even the “Hardcore” server we had going i didn’t know what 1/2 the crap did and just looked at pretty things and explored so I don’t really know.

I always considered the “Money” of MC being the blocks with some blocks being a little more wanted then others, but it always struck me as a “Do I want red carpet or beige” type issues and not “can I afford red carpet”.

Being that said where is the line drawn on “grey” areas?

Is infinite cobblestone out of the question?


This is one of those things I’ve never understood. As soon as I start mining I have chests upon chests of the stuff; what’s the sense in using a cobble gen when you can just keep mining and get ore and cobblestone?

Cobblestone isn’t something with value based on its massive availability, so I’m inclined to look the other way were someone to make one. Something like a gold farm atop the Nether with the potential to gather limitless gold, on the other hand, is something else entirely as the resource is much more rare and requires glitching to setup; making a farm that generates it in perpetuity devalues it greatly as a result.


But what do you use it for?

Is there something to gain from having infinite gold, not trying to be obtuse I honestly don’t know what I would do with infinite gold that I wouldn’t do with infinite cobblestone.

After looking up gold based recipes:

It seems it would just speed up the process of MC. Basically infinite cobblestone but with better materials.

I dunno, after mining lazers, hammers that clear 3x3x3, infinite tree farms, infinite chicken farms, infinite XYZ farms…my standard for cheating in MC is a bit off. All most of that stuff did was allow people to build more things since we usually have PvP turned off.


Anytime you can trade with other players you develop an economy. I really enjoy that trading. It makes me feel needed in the game in some how. I also think it is important to preserve the integrity of the rare items, otherwise trading becomes a joke.

I’ll trade you 7 stacks of gold ingots for some red dye for my carpets.

Edit: Typing is bad. I’m on my phone when I should be asleep. :smile:


Gold is used for horse breeding (which is a pain in the ass and time-consuming) because you use it to make gold carrots and apples, which are the best food in the game for players to eat as well.


For example the enchanted golden apples which are pretty uber and require gold blocks to make - should be rare but a gold farm makes them fairly infinite and that is just way over powered in my opinion.


There are multiple ways to play minecraft. One way is to explore, gather resources and keep exploring and enjoying the beauty of the game. Another way is to gather resources then build outstading structures and being creative. you will eventually get bored of exploring and being creative, you might last a month or two, but not more. This is where redstone and automations come in to play. My way of playing minecraft is to automate everything i could. Finding different ways to obtain things and problem solving my way out.

Imagine having everything generating itself for you and coming to your chests without you having to do anything. It sounds pretty boring, you’re not playing the game! Well it will take you over 6 months or more of playing to do that. Its not as easy as you think to automate, build, improve and fix. By the time you made your gold and iron farms, there is gaurdians, prismarine blocks and sponges that are super hard to get. Afk in minecraft is not cheating, you are just waiting for your resources to move to the next step. The less time you spend building a farm, the less resorces you get. An hour on a gold farm will get you about 14 gold an hour.

I want the strats server to be a place for everyone to be creative and play the game the way they want to play it. Adding a anti AFK plugin to stop me from gaining xp and making what i spent 5 hours building not work anymore is just rude. If you want to have fun, give everyone the freedom to do what they want and play the game how they want to play it!


Well sadly we can’t have everything we want to me afk farms sould be for single player I’m sure the Redstone creates server lag and no one should sit on the server afk for several hours anyways. I wanted to build a railway to the community center but I understood that it would create lag, big deal, I wasn’t going to loose sleep over not being able to do it. Not everything is about what you want it’s about what the community wants. You seem to be the only one who wanted these farms, no one asked for them.


@Auth is the 1.8 server

-Only building
-Only exploring
-Only redstone

If you dont want any redstone or automatic farms, dont use them! If you dont want me to build any AFK or automatic farms. The im sorry but i wont be joining the server anymore. Automation is my way of playing the game. I joined this server because i loved the community of it, everyone is friendly and somewhat open minded. I would love to continue with you guys, but if i cant do what i want, i cant play. Please comment your opinion and let me know how you feel about this.


I’ve given this a lot of thought and I agree with @Screamowaffles’ latest point. While for the most part I see Minecraft as this open ended do-what-you-want sandbox, when you’ve decided to play with a group of people you have to assume some rules on your play style.

If someone hurts the experience of another player on the server in any way, we should take it upon ourselves to recognize that.

Having said that, @Abdullah_Al_obedi, if you feel that you have a better style of play that other members would enjoy there is always the option of spooling up your own server and inviting others to join you here. I see no reason that can’t be a perfectly viable alternative. For this particular server though, it’s @Auth’s time and his money so it’s ultimately his decision what activities he wants or doesn’t want to happen there.

Does that sound reasonable to everyone? (Can we close this topic and move on?)


@auth didn’t reply!


I just want to clarify these points:

  • Yes, I am currently footing the bill for the Minecraft server
  • Yes, I am the only server admin
  • Yes, I am (currently) the only OP
    • We’re adding more shortly to handle things when I’m not around

This is the Strats Minecraft server; everything I’m enforcing is based on the opinions of those playing. Granted, I am in agreement with the majority on this point, but that doesn’t change the fact that very-nearly every other member of the server is against AFK farming and glitching. Had the opinions skewed the other way, I would have allowed for it despite my personal misgivings.

Here’s the thing I and many others don’t like about AFK farming: if you leave your computer running and wander off, you’re no longer playing. You’re idle; you’re getting something for nothing. The idle timer is not short; it’s actually rather forgiving. @Preshuskitty made a genius addition to a skeleton spawn farm (the skeletons go through a series of water-filled ducts and fall to a holding cell of sorts with so little health they can be killed with a single stone sword swing) to prevent idling out. Were someone to idle there, the game would kick them, so she added a fishing pond where people can fish while they wait for the skeletons to pile up. They’re still playing the game, not leaving it run overnight or for a long stretch of time without interacting with it.

Furthermore, this server isn’t the biggest server (by any stretch) and as we continue to grow its population we cannot afford to have players idling and taking up resources and affecting other players’ gameplay. If someone idles they’re eating up server resources and if they’re at an AFK farm, then all the mobs and redstone clocks around them are also hurting the server’s resources.

To be clear: I didn’t add a plugin, I just turned on the default Minecraft idle timer which should have been on from the beginning. I apparently missed it when I was setting up the file when I was initially setting everything up at 0400 on a Sunday morning. I’m sorry if you feel it was directed squarely at you; I had always intended for it to be enabled to future-proof the server (and to keep @Zontago and @Droul from falling asleep at the keys while logged in ;)).


For future reference I enjoy being kicked from the server so I don’t die from mobs. :smile: I hope everyone remembers our rights end where others begin. I don’t care what anyone does as long as they aren’t exploiting the server at the detriment of the other players. I like to go around chat with people, taste their food, and look at the cool creative things they build. Going forward I think it would be a good idea to have an official rules page with everyones input.

Thanks @Auth @Vocino @Abdullah_Al_obedi :relaxed:


It’s on my “to-do” list :wink:



I thought I’d add my two cents. Iv been playing minecraft for a few years and run one for some close friends. Our server has a few cheats/mods that make things a bit easier.

I think auto farms a just fine and building a big gold farm is going to take me allot of time but will pay for its self in the end. That said glitching the game or finding a bug to get that farm working is not ok.

Allot of these bugs/glitches use up allot of the server resources (large Radstone clocks) and will affect other players game experience. This is not fine by me and I would not stick around long on a server like that.

So my view is anything the game is designed to do eg full auto food farms should be allowed and encouraged.

Iv not yet logged on to the server but plan to after work.

Perhaps a dynmap addon would negate the need for a mod to fly about and let new players have a look around.

I’m probably jumping the gun when iv not even had a look at the server but I’m at work bored.

See you later on the server.