Check it out, worth a look pre-launch




So I’ve seen a few requests over the course of the last week on reddit for a sort of guide or checklist for Wildstar Launch.

Having done (god too many…) power levelling launches (Everquest, Everquest 2, World of Warcraft (BC/WOTLK/MOP), and others I though I would give my own personal guideline and list. This is derived from a much bigger and detailed list that I created for my 5 many 24 hour group for launch. So I thought hell let me try to share with the community right? Here ya go I hope it helps.

Conquer - Esper Healer (Exile) - Server TBD! (Premonition) -

  1. Make sure you have plenty of water, and healthy snacks avafovilable for the long haul. No Caffeine! No Junk Food! Believe or not it will only make it more difficult to stay awake and press on. Drink loves of water, and if you need a boost of energy I suggest a 5 hour energy. It will give you a boost and won’t make you feel disgusting when it wears off unlike energy drinks.
  1. Get a good nights sleep the day before, or nap during the day to ensure you are as refreshed and awake as possible.
  1. Take a nice shower and get on your most comfortable relaxed clothes.
  1. Ensure you have the latest Video drivers from your vendor of choice.
  1. Update Addons - I suggest using Curse Client for this.

Must Have:

  1. Bijiplates

  1. JunkIt

  1. Custom FoV

Power Levling:

  1. Instant Quest Accept

  1. CheatSimon

  1. BetterQuestLog (Bugged as of today, but possible update pre launch)

Group Questing:

  1. GroupRadar

  1. NavMate (for the quest lead)

  1. Grid (If your group has someone levelling healer/hybrid)


  1. PotatoUI

  1. AuraMastery (Not really necessary for questing, but Dungeons+ will be necessary)

  1. SpaceStash

  1. CandyBars

Post 20+/50 (Dungeons/Adventures)

  1. GalaxyMeter (Grow that E-Peen!)

There are obviously more addons, but this is a list of what I feel are priorities based on your play style.

  1. If you have not already, Set up your Authenticator via Google Authentication (5%xp is 5%xp amirite?)
  1. Make sure you have your character plotted out on and i suggest PRINTING
    it out. This way you don’t have to go alt-tabbing back and forth on how your going to plot everything
    out while you are leveling.
  1. Reboot your PC, and make sure nothing is running in the background that isn’t necessary.
  1. Make sure about 20 minutes before launch ensure you run the client to download any potential last minute
    updates to the release candidate client.
  1. Ok it’s midnight, servers are up…WTF IS THIS LOGIN QUEUE?!
  • Here is where you go zen mode. Listen… this is a MASSIVE MMO Launch, and for anyone out there
    who is a veteran of these things, there has never been an MMO Launch without hiccups… well except maybe
    RIFT, but I truthfully believe they sacrificed a virgin to the tech gods for that. At any rate my point is
    don’t get foaming at the mouth.

Carbine has tried to be as transparent as possible in their processes, and we’ve
had extensive soak testing for logins servers and the servers themselves. They’ve done all they can do to ensure
the launch is smooth. For anyone not technically inclined anyone who is will tell you, Nothing in technology is
ever a 100% guarantee. Unforeseen issues arise at the last minute due to random variables that perhaps simply didn’t exist in a test environment. THEY WILL FIX IT. Just be patient, relax hit up netflix and watch something calming.

  1. Alright I’m in! Awesome! Welcome to Nexus! Hopefully you’ve already backed up the character generation script for your beta account, if not go ahead and create the next big thing in Nexus. Your going to make this planet your bitch.

---- Whoa There…

If you are someone who had all your addons set-up JUST the way you wanted them, you COULD spend some time re configuring

everything or, here is an alternate solution:

Go to your Wildstar Addon Folder:


Go into the folder named… a random string of gibberish.

Ignore .xml files in there, just a bunch of global settings.

Instead, choose the folder named after the Server of the character whos settings you want.

Go into the folder named after the character you want to copy settings FROM: Ctrl+A -> Ctrl+C.

Go back to the character name folder and into the folder of the character you want to copy the settings TO:


Overwrite ALL THE THINGS!!

Done and DONE.

---- Ok ok… lets get back to it… ----

  1. Your in the game and ready to smash some fools… well get going? This joint isn’t going to liberate itself!


Here are just some tips I’ve created for myself and my levelling group that I thought would share.
If you are going to power game and maximize your xp/hr here are some things you may want to consider.

  1. Level 15 Mount (10g)
  • Crafting is extremely expensive early on don’t do it…
  • Salvaging - Don’t do it… if you want 10g by level 15 you need to sell everything but upgrades.
  • Paths - Don’t do them. They are easy to level post 50 just at timesink. I know there are benefits (believe me), but especially in a group the benefit does not outweigh the xp/hr loss. Especially in a party.
  • Buy only the skills you absolutely need. Don’t just buy everything because it’s available, it’s expensive. Post 15
    when you buy your mount and house, go nuts.
  1. Questing
  • Try to always stay +1/even or at most -1 in the quests you are working on. If you out level an area, move on.
  • Always ensure the Region/World quests are taken care of as a priority.
  1. Adventures
  • They recently nerfed XP farming for Adventures so chain running for a couple of levels isn’t really as valuable I suggest running them once at most for the renown and moving on.
  1. Dungeons
  • Same as adventures I suggest running them once and moving on. Make sure you have watched walkthrough or read guides so you aren’t going in blind so you don’t waste any unnecessary time wiping to boss mechanics.
  1. Challenges
  • If you can confidently succeed at them, do them. Especially pre-15.
  • Pre 15 - If you need the bag, take the bag, if you don’t, get the housing item and sell it, pre 15 there are a couple worth quite a bit of cash that will help w/ the mount purchase. Don’t sweat it, you can always come back and redo challenges for that house item later!
  1. Housing
  • Once you unlock housing I would wait until you have to hit town due to your quest pathing. Then grab the housing and your 24 hour xp buff.
  1. Have a printout of all the maps so you know what areas have what level quests:

I suggest:

  1. I said this above, but this is especially important for people power leveling with a group. Have your
    build printed out and plotted out level to level so that your friends don’t have to wait on you to decide
    where to put that amp or if you want this skill.


  1. Health
  • Every couple hours GET YOUR ASS UP and walk around, get some fresh air. Make sure you are drinking LOTS OF WATER! Please!
  • The LAST thing you want to do is stay sitting down for hours on in, there can be serious health implications with this especially for you heavier folks (like myself, no judging here) so please make this a priority.
  • If you get really sleepy hit up that 5 hour energy drink. If thats not working what I like to do is take a 15 minute break and take a nice cold shower, that really jolts me and I can usually keep going.

If you are NOT Power Leveling:

Ignore EVERYTHING ABOVE! Just Enjoy yourself! There is so much to see, so much to experience, enjoy the amazing dialog and story! Take your time and soak it all in.