Check out these pro 3rd party PS4 controllers



They’re the first officially licensed 3rd party controllers, apparently.


I find it interesting that the Razer has a built-in audio adapter. It’s a plug-in on the XB1 gamepad.

It is quite literally the XB1 controller with PS4 buttons on it.


i’ve had no luck with razer controllers for xbox 360 or xbox one. they’re just 2 other razer products that i bought that didn’t hold up under even just casual use. i don’t know what it is about razer peripherals that they can’t get right. how are they still in business?


Logitech is nice.

Edit - Although for my PC gamepad I did go with the XB1 controller rather than a Logitech.


It seems like they can’t decide whether they want to be accessible or high end. Right now it seems like they’re marketing as high end but trying to compete with the broad market on price. That means they’re cutting corners in build process or using lower end materials.

If I were them I would be moving toward the Razer Blade market, which is essentially on the Apple MacBook tier. Raise cost, don’t compete, win on build and quality.


i’m all about logitech, always have been. i strayed a few times for razer, but never again! [quote=“teh_ninjaneer, post:4, topic:11756”]
Edit - Although for my PC gamepad I did go with the XB1 controller rather than a Logitech.

yeah, same here.


Steam controller best controller :wink:


i still definitely want to check that out. i’ve heard some people love it, and some people just don’t get it. but i need to experience it for myself.


My wife bought me one, I tried it for a couple days and now it sits on the shelf. Why try to learn something new when the old version works just fine?

I compare it to people who opt to use a trackball instead of a mouse.


Why not try to be the very best, like no one ever was?

(T minus 22 days and counting!)


My name is Ash. I already am the best.


FYI steam is doing a deal where you get the controller 40% off bundled with Civ VI.


Steam has a deal fairly often where they bundle their gamepad with a new release. I know they did for Dark Souls 3 and maybe for DOOM. Guess it’s a good way to move product.


For sure


ah, good to know. Makes sense for sure.

With the native dualshock support though…