Cho'gall Buddy Brawl - Does anyone own Cho'gall?



I am looking to complete the Cho’gall Buddy Brawl and earn the Cho’gall hero. But I’m not sure if anyone I know already has the hero so I can partner with them.

So I’m starting here: Does anyone already have Cho’gall and willing to win 2 games with me so I can earn Cho’gall for myself?



Interesting. I wasn’t aware that it worked like that.


Here’s the announcement. It’s only until Jan 12 and then you can buy him on the store. Cho’gall was given to anyone who bought a Blizzcon Virtual Ticket and also randomly to a few players upon his Nov 17 release.

I have no idea how far his influence has spread during these two weeks.


I have him… Havent touched HotS lately though


I would greatly appreciate it if you would help me spread the love.

Help me attain this hero and I will pass him along to other Strats members if they desire him.

We will have one long ogre train.


I tried to find a gif for “ogre train” but failed.


#All aboard the ogre train; CHOO CHOO!


That works.


sure, I think I can block out a chunk of time. tomorrow will be rought but thursday or friday should be good to g]


Fantastic. I’m generally available with some pre-planning. Let’s pass the Cho around.

Not sure if I have you on my list. My name is Arkamedeez#1365




I need me some Cho!

Wait… that doesn’t sound as good as it did in my head.


If you don’t get him by Thursday lmk I should be free part of that day, minus the time for the GW2 raid. :slight_smile:


@GuardianOfLaoria you have Cho’gall too? Obviously I need more people on my friends’ list.


Yeah, haha. I added a bunch of people from the blizzard forums the day it was announced and managed to find someone online that was willing to give me about 20 minutes of his time. If I wasn’t busy trying conquer this mountain of homework I’d try to play with you tonight or tomorrow(small chance I can play tomorrow). I just noticed I totally just noticed I typoed in my other post… Tomorrow is the GW2 raid, and Thursday is class. Though I can try to carve out some time one of those days if you don’t have him by then, or Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. I’ll only be available for a small period of time tomorrow, and until around 5pm CST Thursday.Either way feel free to add me, maybe we can play some HotS sometime. FearRox#1360


Thanks to @MrSavage I now have Cho’gall. You can earn this hero in co-op vs AI mode so it’s stupid easy to get.

I have only played as Cho so far but the hero seems like a lot of fun. Pretty easy to solo (duo?) merc camps.

Two great things about the character:

  • The game combines your player names. Since I was Cho it took the first three letters of mine (Arkamedeez) and the rest of MrSavage (SavageX). So we were Ark’ageX!

  • The first match we looked goofy riding a kodo. No big deal. But the second match we had a regular horse for some reason. Rather than mounting the horse, Cho threw the horse over his shoulder when we mounted up. It was pretty funny to see.

Overall I think I like Cho’gall. Very unique character in the MOBA world.


if anyone else wants him, ping me and we can work out a time (should take about 30-45 minutes)


I also have him if anyone needs. Vilegrin1465 is my Battle tag I should be on Monday