Christina H Sommers on the video game feminism debate

If you’ve been following the feminist video game controversies lately, you’ll find this piece by The Factual Feminist to be a shining beacon in an otherwise dark hyperbole-filled landscape. Christina Hoff Sommers gets it exactly right and introduces some very much need fact-based evidence into the discussion.

Kudos to her for taking a step back and looking at the facts from an unbiased viewpoint. That’s not easy and deserves a lot of respect.


I like her opinion because it just reinforces and validates my own perceptions about my hobby.
However, I’m not sure what the controversy is from the hardcore feminist perspective/anti-gamer. If the cleavage in Tomb Raider turns a kid into a misogynist, I’d imagine that kid has other problems.

To me it’s like saying “that shirt is showing too much cleavage, its objectifying the mammaries, it needs to be regulated/banned/etc.” I’m just not getting the debate, or why there is one. If it’s about being egalitarian, it’s like saying board games are bad because they are competitive, there is a winner and some losers.

I never knew there was even a debate on this topic until right now.
It boggles my mind that people will whine and complain and create so much drama about an industry not creating games that include them. And not one of them take the initiative to actually create that thing which they feel is so lacking in the industry.

Greg Maddox did an awesome video on this. Can’t link it but YouTube search it just his name would be fine.

Some one linked it on their site and it now has several million views.