Christmas Throwback

:notes: Happy Holidays All :musical_note:

Well, let me be the first to say Merry 'S’tratsmas. :santa:

I always find that I have trouble getting in to the mood for the holidays. Finals, Holiday presents, Oh shit do I have enough money for said Holiday presents, traveling, family, ect.

So, I turn to my games! Game Devs celebrate things too, here’s some presents from them to you.

It’s a List!

Over the years I’ve been surprised by games I’ve played on Christmas. Different easter-eggs down to Holiday themes, have taken me starry eyed straight from the Christmas tree to the couch.

##Batman Returns [SNES 1993]

I know it might not seem Christmasy from the cover, but it’s set during Christmas and you get to smash down clowns in a cheerful… town?

:santa: :christmas_tree:

X-Wing [DOS 1993]

Remember this space sim? Well one Christmas long ago I sat down at my first computer to see Santa waiving at me from my favorite game at the time. He’s at the bottom, can you see him? This easter-egg is unlocked when your systems date is set to 12/25/xxxx

:santa: :christmas_tree:

##Christmas Nights [1996 Sega-Saturn]

We originally saw this game the holiday season of '96 and could grab it bundled with an issue of Sega Saturn Magazine, Game Players, or Next Generation Magazine. Now ‘a’ days, you could buy the HD release on PS2 and/or Steam…or emulate it, no judgments. Also note worthy, is this sample title showcased Sonic the Hedgehog in 3D for the first time on Saturn… and only Saturn :sob:

To unlock Christmas Nights on the Steam release, just beat all eight dreams with a rank of C or higher.

:santa: :christmas_tree:

##Blue Stinger [1999 Dreamcast]

Blue Stinger is a Christmas game in much the same way Die Hard is a Christmas movie. It’s set at Christmas. Nuff Said, oh and zombies… or monsters, whatever. My cousins and I still had a blast blowing 'em away.

:santa: :christmas_tree:

##TMNT [2003 NGC XBOX PS2]

Not a Christmas game but there’s some easter-eggs. If your system date is set to 12/25/xxxx your selected turtle will rock a Santa hat whilst bashing baddies. Also, if the date is set to 10/31/xxxx your turtle’s head will be replaced with a Jack’o’Lantern.

:santa: :christmas_tree:

Batman Arkham Origins [2013 PS3/4 XB360/ONE PC]

We started with Batman, so let’s end with it! Arkham Origins opens to Gotham city, Christmas Eve. I first picked up this game last Christmas, man I was blown away by the graphics. Consequently, this is the title I started my Holiday playlist with this year. Black Skull gets coal in his stocking!

So, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!! This is our first one together, let’s make it count!


Merry Stratsmas!

EDIT: Fixed the odd headings, sorry couldn’t handle a 100% bold heading post :stuck_out_tongue:

Ha, no worries. :thumbsup: