ChronoCalibre, your newest recruit!


*AHEM * . . . So! To begin my introduction, thine name is Chrono… Chronopolis, Chronobo, The Chocobo Bro, Sir Chronus, Captain Chron. All these names are thine, and names thine are also mine. I come from the land of Elegant and Meticulous Derps, “The Derpaholics” if you will, taha! No, we aren’t delinquent over-consumers of beverages alcoholic, but we are overachievers for things more or less, but innocently, meaningless. I personally, like to consider myself a thinker, a philosopher if you will, in spite of my clan association. You might find this evident by checking out my Twitter @Arcievelus. But while I consider myself more than mature enough for the likes of the strats community in regards to the more inquisitive side of my personality, I am no stranger to more childlike rhetoric, hoohoo, no sir indeed, or at least not so much that I’ve given up what made me young in the first place :relieved:. With that said, please endow me with your kindness that I might feel welcome in this beautiful abode of communication you call “Strats” and that I might soon show my “true colors” as patronage to my love for all that you strive to achieve! I eagerly await becoming further acquainted with all of you :wink:

With my Utmost Sincerity,


welcome to strats - why don’t you tell us some games you like to play?


Games! Why I love games! You do of course mean table games right? I mean, I absolutely love a good game of chess, hahaaaa yes, yes indeed :wink: But I’m always open for newer things, like Table Tennis. Such a youthful diversion, hoohoo! :smile:


Welcome @ChronoCalibre to the best little corner of the Internet! Glad to see you from my stream! I’m also glad I was able to pull you out from lurking to come here and join us.


Thanks Doom! I’ve been following for awhile but I did happen to abandon your stream for a decent while (along with Twitch in general, reasons legitimate). I’m glad I took the opportunity to come back, it seems you’ve become more than used to your community. I’ve been doing personal research on building communities online based around live-streaming so you bringing me here was helpful to say the least. I hope I can stay involved and support what’s been laid out here :+1:


In all seriousness, I play many games! :video_game: My favorites are Chrono Trigger, the Metal Gear Solid franchise, the Super Smash Bros franchise and offshoots such as Project M and Rivals of Aether, Terraria/Starbound, Ico & The Shadow of Collosus, and Skies of Arcadia. One could also argue I was a bit obsessed with Ni No Kuni which I admittedly do have a special place in my heart for. If you (and by you I mean anyone) would like to see my Steam library and wishlist feel free to check that out and add me as well if you’d like - - I love video games of many if not all kinds, so if anyone wants to ask me any questions about my taste, wants to find something new to play, or just wants to invite me to a discussion about any video game in general I’m more than well versed enough to respond :grin:


Welcome to the cave! Enjoy your stay


Welcome aboard




Welcome to Strats!


Welcome to the party; glad to see everything is working now. Let us know if you have any questions or run into any other issues :wink:


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