Cities Skylines: did anyone get it?


So I picked up Cities Skylines last night. Has anyone else got this? I’ve only played for a few hours so I’ve only just scratched the surface of its capabilities, but so far I’m loving it!

Paradox Interactive really hit the nail on the head with this one. I haven’t played a City Sim in many years, but I had to pick this one up when I saw it.


I watched a little bit of a stream on this, very complex. Looks like it will blow SimCity out of the water!


@PreshusKitty is considering it, she’s big into Sim games. I used to play a lot of Sim City, but I just don’t have the time to sink into a game like that, unfortunately. I might grab it over the summer sale since I’m not taking classes this summer :wink:


Yeah it’s definitely addicting. But I love it. I’ve put over 100 hours into H1Z1 so I figured it would be nice to take a little break and do something different for a bit.

@Nubhugs Yeah I think it definitely blows Sim City out of the water!


Can I expect Mayor @invaderdoom to run his city into the ground? Creating a new third world that sets the bar for the phrase “the struggle is real”?


I’ve been thinking about grabbing this for my girlfriend and I to play on our Saturday couple streams. It seemed really intriguing to me, and I haven’t played a city simulator game in quite a while. She’s an engineer, and I’m a gamer with a creative mind, so I’m thinking it could be a really fun stream.


I think @Vocino was looking for a good city builder a few months ago if i remember right.


Yup, always wished I had a really good city builder to rival Sim City 4. I tried the Cities franchise a couple times but didn’t really like the style. I’m not sure this one is much different.


Not the same franchise as Cities despite the deceiving name; this is the Cities in Motion dev team :wink:


Oh really? I was thinking it was Cities XL people. I’ve never playing the in Motion game but it has decent reviews.


Yeah, this was my first thought as well; only after doing a bit of digging did I find this out :wink:


You’re doin the lord’s work


Yeah Colossal Order is who Developed Skylines. Although looking at the In Motion series, I’m really interested to check those out now. They look pretty fun.


Looks interesting, I may have to pick it up at some point.


That ice cube factory catching on fire though @ThatDoomThough. :stuck_out_tongue:


Omg @aikiller, too good. That seems to be the one building that always catches on fire :stuck_out_tongue:

And I love that I can name buildings. Makes for a fun time in stream!


I picked this up…looks interesting enough and i like building cities and then starving them of electricity and water…lol. j/k i wish this was multiplayer though…that would be sweet.


Yeah it’s definitely pretty awesome. I think I’m gonna play with the mods tonight. Apparently there’s a mod that you can walk around your city in first person so I HAVE to get that mod


So this game is sounding pretty interesting. I may have to go pick it up. Been missing a good sim city type game for a while.


OK this game is down right addicting…i got on earlier to check email and such…wound up playing for over 3 hours. Its basic enough for beginners and old timers as well…yet you can choose to make it harder if you wish. I found it hard to keep my budget with its head above water and sustain a reliable source of money. If you are on the fence about this game i would say go for it …cant beat the fun factor for 25 bux :slight_smile: