Cities Skylines Expansion pack!



The new content exp pack is finally here!! Cities Skylines After Dark


I am excited!!


Pretty excited about this as well! The price almost seems a bit steep to me though.


I think $15 is pretty reasonable for an expansion pack, personally, especially considering that at full price this game and expansion would only set you back $45 and play a billion times better than the last Sim City. That said, I’m waiting for the Black Friday/Winter Sale on Steam as I don’t even have the time to consider thinking about maybe playing it at some point if I can squeeze it in my overpacked schedule.

Also, it’s worth noting that they’re a pretty damn awesome company :wink:


You make some really great points. Overall I have to agree with you, when put the prices of both together it’s not bad at all. I would rather support them than a lot of other game companies to be frank.