City/Town place thing



So I kind of made a city type place on my plot, added floors, walls, a spaceport, etc (I have it as public so go check it out IGN: RezaGard). Anyways I have a bunch of empty zones in it and if you want to build something in one of them, it can be whatever you want, just talk to me and we can work out a time where you can build. Since we don’t have any kind of guild housing right now, I want to open up my place. My project for tomorrow and the day after is a dueling arena, and after that I’m gonna try and make a multi-story house (maybe 3?). If you are interested in either of those, I get out of work around 4 pm est tomorrow.


Sounds alright, but shouldn’t you be working on PvP?


That’s how I get the gold for all this :stuck_out_tongue: They go hand in hand