Civilization V


I had a great time playing Civilization V with @DracoIsmenium, @Klutch and @GuardianX last night.

For those you that have never played it is a turn based stratagy game that is based on the rising (and falling) of different civilizations in our worlds history.

This game has a little bit of a slower pace then many of the other game we tend to play, so I think it is a great physical therapy for the brain.

We plan on playing it more often, if you are interested in joining us drop us a line here.


I would love to play a game with you guys. Civ is super fun.


yeah that’s a great game. i’ve recently gotten back into playing it with some of my other friends. but i’d love to join you guys too. i just need to find some gaming time. this summer has been a little crazy.


I both have the game and would absolutely play.


How dare you.


I’m down for a group game tonight, say around 9:30 PM EST. Any takers?


I approve


just bought it and am downloading now…looks fun


FYI, I’m formatting a MacBook Pro to keep running a PitBoss server for Civ V games.


I knew that was eating at you. :smile:


I hope that game mode plays nice. The last time I tried to play pitboss it was a disaster of instability, but we also didn’t have a dedicated server. I hope it works :smiley:


From what I understand it’s been patched a lot. We’ll see.


Just talked to Tommy IRL and we talked about the Pitboss game. I’d be interested in joining a game like that.


GameStop Sid Meier’s Civilization V for under $8. Sale ends soon.

For those who might be intrested. I just spent $49.99 on it the other night(It came with the expansions). This is a good deal.


Great stuff!


Damn…I paid the same as you tommy… LOL


The DLC does add quite a bit. I’ve been thinking about getting it.


Gamestop had good deals on the DLC/expansions as well, you might want to check it out there first. I’m not sure if Gamestops Digital downloads will stack with Steams version though.


The DLC took the game to new heights in my opinion. Between new civs, win conditions, and complete mechanic overhaul/improvements make for an almost entirely different experience.



I would like to get in on this, CW