Clan problems post

I just commented on a post about a lack of clan tools in Destiny. This is a reddit post, please take the time to read my post and discuss it. I’m sorry to link to reddit instead of discussing on here, but Bungie employees frequent there.

Yup, nailed the issue; here’s hoping they sort it out shortly.

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Out-sourced and internal public relations consultants occasionally post on behalf of Bungie there.

Damn you @vocino I thought Reddit was a magical place where people cared…

People care. They have daily stand ups about product updates and issues. The part where people think they need reddit comments for that is what I chuckle at a bit :wink:

I just think it’s weird it’s never talked about.

I think it’s because people are so hung up on the other issues like the voice chat issues (which I personally understand but don’t really care.) and issues with the loot system.

That is very true. The game is amazing don’t get me wrong, but it needs a few things.