Clash Royale Clan?


Do we have one? Do we want one? Do we have enough ppl?

I have been playing this for a while. Great game.


Started playing yesterday, lets make one!


I’m playing as well, my username is cultex.


Ok so due to the fact that the clan where i was got overrun by a bunch of kids with no manners i decided to quit it. So @xploz1on and i decided to create a Strats clan (@xploz1on donated the gold to created)

Please do look for us and join us :smile:


Trying to figure out how to add people that are not in Facebook friend list.

@cul-tex You should be able to Search for StratsCO and join the clan. The icon to the right of Fight, tap there then go to search and just type StratsCO. Our clan will show there and then just join. Try it and let me know.





IS this basically Clash of Clans?


No, it not. Clash Royale is more laid back. Check this video, its explains it better.

My only problem is the Chest waiting time. Just because i want to keep playing hahaha.


Can we lock the clan membership as people jump in and request cards and then jump out? Don’t know yet whose who and don’t want us to be supporting random people as opposed to our strats folk.


what you say is true. but we need numbers. there is not enough strat ppl yet. I was hoping to get to the 30 members before starting to get picky.


I got into this game last night. Joined the StratsCo clan. It’s actually really fun.

There’s a huge flaw in the game design though, as I see it. They don’t want you to keep playing.

Basically, you win and fill the 4 available slots with chests. You open these chests with the countdown. If you have 4 chests there (1 counting down to open), there’s now no reason to keep playing matches.

Obviously there’s the fact that they want you to spend the gems to open the chests immediately and that’s the revenue model but I think that’s a bit shortsighted. The first objective should always be to keep people progressing and playing.

Supercell are not dumb. They know very well how to make money on free to play mobile games (in fact, they make more than anyone on it) so I’m sure there is some data that proves me wrong here. It’s still hard to swallow though when you just want to keep playing games.


Yup. That is how it is. But it becomes less frustrating later on. I actually play it even when my chests slots are full nowadays but sure is more fun to play when there is a reward.

I hope the introduce a card to compete with the barbs. There is nothing like them, therefore, they are the most desired.


i guess the only other reason to keep playing when chest slots are full is to get trophies which would then unlock arenas and therefore access to new cards. There’s definitely a reason to keep going, yet I still play it pretty casually. I usually only fill my chests and clear the crown chest and just check back in a few hours to start unlocking the next chest…maybe play a quick game and close it again.


Joined a couple of minutes ago. Having fun so far


What is this game? 30k+ people were watching a tournament being streamed on Twitch earlier.

A mobile game. Being streamed on Twitch.

I don’t even understand.


What you do not understand?

There is a youtube video like 7 post before this one.


I don’t understand why 30,000 people were watching a mobile game being streamed on Twitch.


The game lets you play real time pvp matches of max 2min and those 2 min are action packed and require lots of skills and quick decision making.

Play it. It is fun.


It’s pretty fun. Great for a timekiller on the bus or something.