Classic Strategist Tee is Back!


The classic Strategist tee is back! (While Supplies Last)


Enjoy the classic strategist’s tee and be the envy of gamers at every con. Your Twitch stream viewers will ask you how you were able to obtain such an unbelievably unique item and you can tell them you looted it from a legendary chest.

Get it here:


So, couldn’t help but notice there is another tee available, with a certain simian on it. And that the shirt is called “Simon tee”

Interesting. . .




I may or may not have a shipment on the way. :slight_smile:


When are we getting the Strats Pro Gaming Jerseys?


Would love to but I’ve had trouble finding a good source. We just ordered some for Facebook Fury (the Overwatch team for the Silicon Valley league) and I have an email out for the company used.