Clip Champs & Top Cheerers on Twitch


If you’re a Partner or Affiliate on Twitch who wants to embrace your community, or just a viewer who enjoys a showcase moment, this update is definitely about you.

Clip Champs

Viewers who create clips for a specific channel across four distinct weeks and have over 50 combined views on those clips will receive the exclusive “Clip Champ” chat badge.

At the conclusion of every month, when your viewers clips achieve greatness (50 combined views in the month previous) they will receive a unique chat badge for your channel.

I think this feature is a cool way to help your stream pollinate across multiple channels. As your viewers & community share your clips in an effort to become a champ (achievements drive people yo’), you will likely find more people swinging through to check your stream out as they see all your awesomeness/scrubiness.

Top Cheerers

Top Cheerers, as you may have guessed from the very obvious name, is a pinned leader-board that displays the top three Cheerers in the channel at the top of chat. The leader-board can also be expanded to show the top 10 Cheerers, as well as your current position.

This one is a little different. Instead of something that will help grow your community, it could instead help grow your wallet as people get attention for cheering during your stream. Expected to launch in a month’s time, this feature will expand on the current “top cheer” label already visible in chat and provide insight into the top-10 and in turn, a visible benefit of being top-3 in the form of chat emblem.


Clip champs is very interesting. I see it as two opportunities:

  1. Obviously helps drive clip creation for your stream (maybe you could do a custom giveaway to that person?)

  2. Plus if you’re good at it for other streamers, it could be a great networking opportunity.


If I understand correctly, it’s not one champ but many champs. :wink: Would just require your incentive to be a draw…