Closed Poll: Evolve night



We’ve been talking about making a night but I don’t think have come up with a specific one. And we now have a calendar going so…Which night would you most likely be able to play Evolve on a regular basis?

I’m guessing 9pm Est | 6pm Pacific but comment below if another time and/or day works better. I also couldn’t figure out how to allow for choosing multiple days so if you can play another night than your top choice list that below as well. Unless someone can fix the poll for me.

  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday

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I’m aware some of these nights overlap others so vote accordingly if that is a conflict. (Minecraft is listed as Monday on calendar but I believe it is Saturday??)


I could do Friday or Sunday as well, probably Thursday even.




Thanks for making a poll Ghosthog. I know there are a lot of ps4 users that do not use the forum frequently that play Evolve. Maybe once we start showing up on a certain night we can spread to word to them.


Thursday night would be perfect


Thursday is my preference but if I’m around Saturday then that’s fine too!


I’m going to say Thursday evening is the winner for now but will keep the poll open through the weekend.

Hopefully some of us can get on tonight!


Thursday works for me too


Thursday was the clear winner for this. Hopefully we’ll see some of you on tonight!

Poll closed