Closed Poll: Stick it out or start over?

  • 1.7.10 for life
  • 1.8 on our current world
  • 1.8 on a new world

#What is this I don’t even
Calm down; deep breaths. The last of the plugins I’ve been waiting on to update just popped for version 1.8. We are faced with two choices: do we want to stay the course or update and how we want to go about updating if we decide to? I’m going to run this poll through the weekend and close it on Monday when I get out of class. If we decide to make a change, I will sort it out Monday afternoon and evening.

The big focal point I want everyone considering is this: we were planning to eventually move to 1.8 at some point in the future once all our plugins were updated. This happened much faster than I anticipated. Should we stick around any longer in 1.7.10 nnow that we have the capacity to run 1.8; should we continue to grow the server we have now or start anew?
##Feel free to have discussion in this thread :wink:

##1.7.10 for life
This is beyond self-explanatory: we don’t change a thing and continue with the status quo.

##1.8 on our current world
We update the world and pray there are no issues (full disclosure: on account of some crazy shenanigans within the Bukkit dev team there is a small chance for world corruption when we update, maybe 5-10% chance). The biggest issue this would pose is we’d need to travel to new, unexplored chunks of the world to get the new ores (and we’ve explored a lot).

##1.8 on a new world
We thank our current world for being a stepping stone and we leap into a whole new world with the latest version of Minecraft and all the new features that go along with it.

Isn’t vanilla pretty easy to up from one version to another?

I thought the major issues came from those massive packs that people run.

The issue is all the new ores; they won’t be available in any of the chunks we’ve loaded already (and we’ve loaded nearly everything within a few thousand blocks in most directions). Also, the drama within Bukkit means we have to switch to Spigot; there’s a chance for problems with that transition (albeit small).

Ahh, forgot that you were using Bukkit.


New ores shouldn’t be an issue, if i recall the way they implement that is they have the new things spawn in chunks not yet populated. So you wouldn’t get new things where you already are building / discovered but anywhere you roam past the upgrade is game.

But that is all pretty old information.

That is still how it functions, I just don’t think anyone will be in the mood to travel thousands of blocks just to start digging for the new ores. Or maybe they will. The vote will tell :wink:

I dunno I had a sudden urge to post that

I vote a whole new world in 1.8 Yes there has been alot of progression of buildings etc…BUT to get the new good stuff we would have to travel thousands of blocks away just to get the new ores and stuff. most of us would just build a new house out there anyway so lets just do that in a NEW world where we can just start anew and discover all the new shiny pretties without having to travel. and theres BUNNIES!!!

Those priorities :wink:


i just can’t wait to see @Dynamible’s reaction after he spent so much time building his restaraunt

Meh. I already want to take it down and add that bar and a strip club.

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Well i’m happy you listened about the bar, and good choice on the strip club. but who’s gonna dance? blocks? :stuck_out_tongue:

that’s top secret.

Good lord i hope it’s not you. We want people to keep playing minecraft man :wink:

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I’d rather travel a few thousand blocck for the new things they added than rebuild everything, but definitely not stay on 1.7. 1.8 is one of the biggest updates.

It’s not hard to build a rail way or path way to cover the distance… Or a nether railway.

I think it’s fun to start over, personally.

i would have to move over 7k blocks…i explore alot…and most of it was over ocean and finding a desert biome 5 k away in a totally different direction. i do not want to travel that far. lets just update and start over.

In keeping with this sentiment, remember, @Abdullah_Al_obedi, that I have spent several days flying around in creative mode to scout for our city’s location, so there’s a very healthy amount of chunks (several thousand in every direction, at a minimum) that won’t have the new ores.

i dont care!