Closed Poll: What day should we host Minecraft events?

  • Monday
  • Thursday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday

I realize there are a few more days in the week, but I’d like to avoid any days which already have Strats community events happening since many of our players are involved in other titles besides Minecraft. The plan would be to host these during the evening. Some would be on our main server, others would be on additional, separate maps which I’d host during the event times (meaning the regular map would be down). I anticipate the events lasting between 1-2 hours (depending on participation, reception, and content) in the evening or late afternoon, but we’ll sort out the particulars after we’ve settled on a day.

So, what afternoon/evening works best for you?

Looks like we’re doing this thing on Saturday in the evening; thanks everyone for the input :wink:

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Every day works for me. Can I vote for every day?


I vote Every day as well.

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Weekend because of school!

creeps back into the shadows

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quickest way to never earn more l33t presents from the kitty :wink:

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pfft i got my truck and my gauntlets (which are my good luck charm in LoL btw currently 1-0) what more do i need!

Thanks for the input so far; I’m going to leave this open through the weekend and close it Sunday night before going to bed. We’ll plan to have our first event within a week on whatever evening receives the most votes so make your voice heard if you haven’t already :wink: