Closed Poll: Where should we build our city?

##The votes are in, looks like we’ll be terraforming an area; I’ll have the locations identified later this week for us to choose from :wink:

  • Terraform
  • Sea Platform

#Here’s the Deal
I’ve found a couple locations that I think will work well, each have their own unique pros and cons which I’ve listed below. I will run this poll through the weekend and close it Monday afternoon when I get home from classes. Based on the popular opinion, I’ll take the next steps to get us started; rock the vote :wink:

For note: we will not be doing the bulk of our mining for resources here. I will be establishing a separate location for us to strip-mine resources for the city’s construction.

##Feel free to have discussion in this thread for one way or the other :wink:

We’d need to cut down a bunch of trees and flatten the area a bit, but I found a nice-sized continent some distance away that would work well given some effort. Once we have it how we want it, I’d lock it down and divide it up into chunks for the different build teams to work on.


  • Presents a more natural/organic atmosphere
  • We’d get some resources just from leveling the area


  • The area won’t prepare itself and it’s going to take a few days of casual work from everyone to get it ready
  • We’d have to expand the area eventually or work within the confines of the continent

##Sea Platform
I found a series of several region beacons out in the middle of the ocean. I could artificially create a flat foundation for our city that we could build on. It’ll be super-easy to break the area up into sections for people to build their grand projects in.


  • Flat surface will make for easier construction
  • Plenty of room for simple expansion


  • We’d have to artificially create the basement area (I would only build it 1 block thick initially)
  • It would take a day or two for me to get the initial platform constructed

The results of the version poll will have no bearing on the outcome of this poll other than the fact that I’ll have to find new city-building locations if terraforming wins :wink:

Let the record show I have two locations identified for potential terraforming; we’ll decide which one we like better for building and the other will be turned into our strip-mine, should that option win :wink:


Maybe we’ll make a sky district that’s suspended/hovering above or near the city :wink:

I’m not sure on this one, an ocean city would present some interesting possibilities for underwater construction combined with ground level and sky. It would be more difficult and time consuming to make it properly though. Just terraforming a normal area would be quicker and easier I think. Just depends on what everyone wants to do.

I plan to pick a costal location if we terraform to allow for those kinds of build options, just fyi.

Sounds good.

We also have the option of spong blocks to suck up water now.

Are you wanting to start building the city fairly soon? Or are we going to have some time to get our homes built?

I need to scout an area again; I’m hoping to start construction a week from today :wink:

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