Closed Poll: Who would play on a Strats 7 Days to Die server?

I would be willing to rent a 7 Days to Die server for Strats if I can get enough people to play and if I could get a networking guru to help me run it. I need to take a look at the servers offered by the games partners to see if we could have security on it but if we can have security on it and we have enough players I should be able to foot the bill for it.

There would be 10 slots and it would be from 12-15$ a month.

edit I can lock the server with a password so now we just have to get enough people to get on board.

  • Yes
  • No
  • Possibly

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Found a server that looks pretty good. I can get 8 slots for 7.50 but I don’t want to be on a server myself since I have the only yes vote.

I went ahead and got the server anyway. I will post the information once it is all set up.

Cool I was looking thru that site that auth mentioned and found:

in relation to setting this stuff up, a lot of this stuff is pretty easy to do. Requires no networking skill other then telling people the address. Settings files are pretty easy to traverse.

I went with

Waiting for them to get the server live so I can start setting things up.

Do you have the game? I could use some admins.

I have never played the game, I do have it but never played it,

good starting point, I don’t know what the site you are using uses for an interface.

It’s got a GUI for most of the stuff but has a console as well. I will have to check out some of the console commands.