Closed Poll: Who's playing?

  • I currently play TESO.
  • I am considering playing TESO in the near future.
  • I am not playing TESO, nor do I plan on playing it.

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Following Wayward’s suggestion.


And will be for some time to come…

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If anyone wants to wait about 2 weeks I’ll be playing then

I have a VR14 sorceror, and recently started a Nightblade that is only level 8. Will eventually have one of each class. The problem is that they haven’t fixed quest phasing. Can run around with others in public dungeons, but we can’t see each other in quests. Hopefully they actually fix that so that everyone is in the leader’s quest. They had said they were trying to do that.

Thanks for sharing this… It was one of my biggest problems and based on that I might have to hold off my return until it is fixed.

Yeah, this single point is holding a lot of people back. Sure, you can do a lot of the public things together and the group dungeons, but the quests themselves are locked. Even phases of the same quest. You would think that this is a priority for Zenimax, as they have a lot of people screaming about it, including husband and wife teams that have dysynced quests.