Club Nintendo Closing Down

So, Nintendo has decided to shut down Club Nintendo in favor of a new program that hasn’t been announced as of yet. According to the article, you can claim and redeem points up until March 31, 2015, and you have until July 1, 2015 to use your coins. All coins not used are going to be forfeited.

If you purchased any codes for downloadable games, they need to be pulled off of the account (and saved in a Word doc or something) by July 1, and have to be used by July 31.

This is just another thing that Nintendo has annoyed me with this year, and we haven’t even finished the first month yet. Oi vey.



They better have some really good stuff this time around… I screwed up and didnt get the 3DS cradle before they were sold out last time.

Fairly certain I never actually joined Club Nintendo… Feel bad for all the people that did though… I was extremely frustrated when they dropped the online stuff for all the older Wii and DS games and only maintained for the 3DS and WiiU. I understand they need the space or whatever, but still, very frustrating.

@PittInjury I think the goal is that they are going to try and put up a bunch of merch in February to help you dispense of your current coins. You may see the cradle yet.

@PreshusKitty Then you have one less thing to worry about. :slight_smile: I agree. I still have quite a few games that I would like to use my Wii/DS online for, but can no longer do so.

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Right when the shut-down happened I was replaying Dragon Quest 9. I had already downloaded all the extra dlc side quests but some of the things to finish them had to be purchased from the always updating online shop or gotten at certain times like Christmas or your birthday and now I can never finish these. WOE IS ME! etc.
Made me a sad kitty, but I will survive somehow. Ooh, Harvest Moon! flee

(I may be a little bit game-ADD :3)

I hear that; with a backlog of games as intense as mine, it’s easy to get into one of those game-ADD moments. And here I thought I was the only person who called it that.