Club Penguin: A New Adventure


I am searching for a group of dedicated players to start a group in club penguin, please comment in interested.


Fuck yes! XxXnosc0peb1tch3sXxX is so ready


You two are so fired. x_x


HAH! Jadis got banned already, this is a wrap folks! :3


Yeah I went to the effort to make a penguin and join her and she went and got banned - wtf jadis? you cant even behave for 20 minutes? You are grounded missy!


@jadis You make me so proud :’) (also side note for @Crazy_Matt and @PreshusKitty if you type an @ before someone’s name you can tag them)


This is true, I completely forgot to do that with @jadis in my previous comment; probably because the penguins melted my brain. Yes, that is my story and I’m stickin’ to it…