CoE- Kingdom of Aranor


If you are interested in joining the Chronicles of ELYRIA and you’re not sure if you want to buy a tier or you are buying a tier and you need a kingdom to join, come join me in the kingdom of Aranor I’m a Baron in the kingdom. You don’t need to purchase anything to join this kingdoms discord channel or the kingdom itself


I got a new forum of my town in the forums of CoE check the out


Well, I took a look at the game and it looks interesting, but if you don’t mind could you give us some more info ?

As far as I could find out the game is not even in Alpha yet ?


They’re looking at doing the alpha in early /mid 2017. I recommend if you’re looking at a product tier duke and below is the way to go. The company hasn’t set it in stone on when they want everyone to pay off ttheir tier but they’ve mentioned March at the earliest


I thought they would release a lot of stuff before actually going in Alpha, like a MUD and another thing they discussed during Kickstarter. My guess is that if this game ever comes out, it’s going to be in a long long time. I still have some faith in this project though, we’ll see!