Come For Honor!



With the hype of Conan dropping down, a couple friends allowed me to play the campaign of For Honor on their accounts. I really have to say, the overall beta wasn’t my thing but the campaign is pretty impressive.

The combat in this game is so visceral. With a lot of the games now having you run around with guns blasting people away before you can even react to something or based on super twitch game play it’s nice to have a game where your position a mile away is nearly useless compared to your position in the battle around you.

The campaign adds a base ability to level up your characters not spamming multi-player games as well as unlocks. It was the tri-story that really had me though. I didn’t get to play too much but I played each intro mission and it really impressed me.

How about you all? Anyone else get sucked into the negativity whirlpool only to end up watching people on twitch streaming it and loving it and then get sucked into buying it and then loving it yourself?


If you are interested, here are a couple resources:


For Honor will fade by Tuesday when the next Flavor of the Week game is released. All the popular streamers will move on to something else.

Ubisoft sucked me into the negativity whirlpool themselves. Their matchmaking is peer-to-peer and it made for a horrible beta experience. I’ll consider the game once it goes on sale.


You know I tried it during the Beta and I liked it for 10 or so matches. After that it become very repetitive and frustrating.