Come on Sony, hire that networking guy. (PSN Down)

So any of you that are trying to log onto destiny right now via PS4. It’s not bungie’s fault. PSN is down. Apparently for an update… you know, that they didn’t mention before hand on the system.

They really need to hire a networking guy, or get more than one server to run the whole thing. Both?

Well, or have idiot script kiddies stop DDoSing it with their shitty ssping botnets.

No, I want to blame Sony, it’s their fault!!!

As long as it gets fixed before Xur comes around, I have some coins and a bounty that he needs to take for me.

FYI: PSN Status page.

I have raid group planned for eight EST😢

Ok, so it’s kinda working. I was able to log in after a couple tries. Sony still says it’s down… probably because they have no idea what’s going on.

Pretty dead though. One other from strats is on

PSN down again? sigh.

There is a big update today. Can’t say I’m surprised😔