Coming Soon: Get it on Twitch!


With there being little discussion on the forums about this, wanted to toss this here.

Twitch jumped into the gaming platform a while back with the addition of Amazon prime benefits on twitch, they have their own client and now they have an incentive program for partnered people.

Currently the state of Twitch is a wild west in terms of sponsored content. When a game wants traction they will approach streamers who pull in numbers and offer them incentives to play their game but very rarely is it disclosed that a stream is sponsored unless the streamer is being verbally transparent.

Now with the advent of this program, streamers have a vested interest in pushing your product too.

The more they sell, the more they make.

It will be interesting to see where this heads in terms of laws. YouTube has a pretty clear policy that all sponsored content needs to be disclosed. I wonder if twitch will follow suit.


I actually thought they had to note in their stream (usually the title) if they were being paid/incentives to play the game. I know the partnered streamers I watch will do this.

I wonder if this will lead new partners or those with (relatively) low viewers to selling their soul in order to try to attract more viewers and subs.


Further, not disclosing it is against the law.


Straight from the Twitch TOS:

11.g Endorsements/Testimonials
You agree that your Broadcaster Content will comply with the FTC’s Guidelines Concerning the Use of Testimonials and Endorsements in Advertising (available at (“Guidelines”). For example, if you have been paid or provided with free products in exchange for discussing or promoting a product or service through the Twitch Service, or if you are an employee of a company and you decide to discuss or promote that company’s products or services through the Twitch Service, you agree to comply with the Guidelines’ requirements for disclosing such relationships. You, and not Twitch, are solely responsible for any endorsements or testimonials you make regarding any product or service through the Twitch Service.


I just remember from the “For Honor” Beta where a LOT of people were given keys and very rarely did I hear anything other than “Oh yeah, I received a key” from the streamer. There certainly wasn’t “Sponsored: FOR HONOR” in their title or anything either.

This is why I say, it’s a real big grey area on twitch. They are becoming more and more legit but really aren’t following the same rules that YouTube sets for their streamers and uploaders.

I wonder when the time will come that they are hit with a lawsuit that forces them to follow the same rules that YouTube does to the degree that they do.


It’s possible that they may not. It depends on how much they expand outside of gaming. We are seeing the approaching peak of what the platform can perform now basically.

Once growth really started to fall off, they answered by introducing things like podcasts, creative, coding, etc. Could it eventually return to (For those of you not old enough, the founder of Twitch’s first company was a “stream anything” site called JustinTV.)

If those efforts can continue growth, we will likely see more and more lock down approach YouTube-like standards.


With amazon at the head, I feel like this is end game.

The twitch name seems like it needs an overhaul though, their change from Justin to Twitch was to appeal to gamers more and now that they are branching out to a broader audience, does that strat still make sense? Combined with Amazon it seems like there will be a brand name change soon, maybe not too far from twitch, maybe a deeper integration to Amazon. The main Amazon site would have to change a lot to cater to that though.